Sunday, March 01, 2009

days in malacca….

Friday, February 6th, 2009

its good to have long vacation, but i wish it will be longer.emm. too bad life arent that perfect some how.

i took about a week stayed with friends and brother in malacca, a well known historical town in malaysia.malacca is a place i love to go since young.nothing special about it, but i love it alot. no matter how many times i go i still find this place interesting.its a place can relax and eat out.chicken rice ball, cendol with gula malacca is my fav, jonker walk too.and of course some other delicious cheese naan, tanduri chicken, ikan bakar, ikan pari… etc.days in malacca really fun, these kind of fun is totally differ from life in KUL and PJ.its more relaxing, stress-free.unlike KUL and PJ, massive traffic jam, swearing inside the car, toll gates, parking charges, expensive food, expensive rental,, etcspend money like water… my hard earn money just gone in a sec.

hahah, i knoe its a little bit “kua jiong”somemore need to be alert all the time due to high frequency of snacth theives since im a frequent plubic transport mode got to be in “ALERT” all the time, checking my bags, my mobile, my wallet especially. like a crazy gal once i step inside the KTM and LRT now aday. when i drive i feel stress too, scare duno which “ga na sai” got drunk and hit me, or which lousy idiot didnt really go thru the proper road test and still get their driving license…hmmm. so much to bitch about life in the city.

guys, if u wan to have a relaxing vacation, u can always try malacca.

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