Sunday, March 01, 2009

day 16- 20…HKG

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

came to HKG in the very last minute. didnt plan not until my fren told me to come during her 2 days off. that’s why im here.

i took MTR, light public bus, every where. and of course im death tired. nothing much in HKG… i guess. i duno what and how ppl see HKG actually. im here makan, minum, lepak only. i didnt go crazy like i did before. so u guys can imagine HKG not as cheap as others quote. living costin HKG is high, and of course the income of the local is okay though, if not they wouldnt able to survive gua. one bowl of standard desert cost 28HKD. one standard wan tan mee cost 38HKD… fuhhh, not cheap.

although i went quite a number of places, but the most shopping i did for myself was in “sasa” the cosmetic shop.. hahha, i duno why, may be i just cant resist to buy, or may be im getting ugly lately….

the most happening place was DISNEYLAND!!! i just love it, although its small as compare to other disneyland, but i didnt visit all the places…hmm… because i was so late, i went in the afternoon. at least i saw the parade, mickey mouse, and the amazing fire works. really a wowwww, for me, its nice.

on the last day of visit, i went out alone to lepak, minum, makan again. i went to “wan zhai”, wanna take the cruise, but i dont have much time, have to rush back so i can go gold coast later in the evening after dinner with my gal friend.

well, this is my HKG trip, seriously, i didnt find any thing special yet. frankly speaking, i prefer malaysia still. next vacation….. taiwan!! country that i always wanted to go back visit.

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