Sunday, March 01, 2009

crap talk in MSN

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

its a boring day..especially when i feel sick and i woke up late in the afternoon due to body ache….

start my day by switching on my lappie, check news, emails…etc. reply a couple of emails….nothing much.

then i started to crap with some old old friends back in malaysia as usual. i was telling them some of my stories, and they told me some updates too… that’s how we keep in touch.

one of them was telling me this, ” never ever suspect your charm, you’re lovely,..pretty……n generous plus sporting” woww….. this is first time he told me this. okay, i will keep that in mind since u said u knew me long enough. and dont u forget your promised when im back later…. i wan a food festa in your home town!

i did crap alot in msn today, and thank god u guys are so sweet to me. stop making me emotional again. i will cry ler….. cos i miss all of u, u guys know me best since long long ago. sweet and caring like before.

thank god i still have u all with me.

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