Saturday, March 21, 2009


March 7th, 2009

after this vacation, i started to think what should i do next instead.. hmmmm.. what should, and where should i go next.

i have an idea, any how, but im too affraid to committed. cos i dont wan to be a slave to my asset… cos i still want to enjoy life. do what ever i want to, just go with the flow… be selfish and be free.

well, since some thing happened and i confirmed what i want … at the moment. wahahha… now talking something big and have to commit ler. damn serious. can not quit my job just because i dont feel like it, can not simply buy any useless and unneccessary stuffs anymore… instead of thinking twice, may be i got to thinki 30 times from now on. %#@#$%^&*. mana boleh!!

emm…since my vision and objective is very clear why im still here in kwi, i got to do something instead of wasting my time and hard earn money. so, i wish it gonna be worth to stay and see u guys in 2010.

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