Sunday, March 01, 2009


Thursday, February 26th, 2009

im in BKK for my fisrt flight after the long vacation.

even though its a short flight, but seriously i cant take it. cos im so sleepy… em, may be the “worm” getting bigger or fatter.

the hotel is pretty comfortable than the previous old and haunted. i guess, some my colleages told me their experience. im farking scared!!! cos i damn coward when it comes to spiritual believes.

well, as usual. i like to go lepak alone. some times busy to go shopping and visiting. but this time i lepak casual and slow. i walked and took sky train when im tired. i bought alot as well, cos its reasonable…. emm, well, i need to alter it a bit cos i want it to look better on me…i went massage at least one time in one day. foot massage, thai, oil….cos its cheap. worth to try.

i went movie, emm.. i wonder why the digital movie cost a little expensive although its same to me. anyway way, i watched it. and as usual i drink before i sleep….. to relax. muahahha.

i guess i will overspend this time, because every thing in BKK seems so …. not expensive and affordable.

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