Sunday, March 01, 2009

be strong, im here with u

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

ya i know guys, im a weak in emotional ever since im back from malaysia. sorry to let some of u down about that. but i promised i will adjust myself back to normal alright? just give me some time for that, i promised i will means i will!!

for my dear friend that facing some sort of personal problem, emotional crisis too. sorry i cant help much, but u know i will always be a good listener, i can always let u cry on my shoulder if u want to. [** only applicable to my dear dear friends] just give me a ring, will u?? dont be shy.. heheh.

seriously i duno what’s going on lately, or before. but nothing can be done nor be fixed any more, so fuck it and forget about it. never expect the bastards will turn into angel, its not gonna happen. just be positive, and be happy, dont let them stir chaos in our peaceful life! not gonna worth any thing any way.

we have to move on and looking forward for good things to come. be strong, be rational and be ourself. ignore the lousy ppl around us, and leave the bastard behind us.

so, my dear dear friend. be strong and stay postive all the time alright? im here for u holding your hands if u need me for sure, no matter what.

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