Sunday, March 01, 2009

415_211208_door indicator

Monday, December 29th, 2008

while checking…. noticed that the door lock indicator was not okay.. cos it showed “UNLOCK”. as procedur, every thing has to inform the in-flight incharged. i called and they sent someone. i was there and they came and left without telling me any thing. i macam ” ngong ngong” and stand and wait.

then they started the boarding… someone came and check the door again and talked on the phone and left… emmmm.. what’s up weyyy, tell me lah!!

done the ground service some more…. no news yet.

i cant wait any more, i called to the front and asked cheif about it. he said its good to go… emm. okay, thanks.

then he came to the aft, he look at the door and look at me… i asked: “okay cheif??” he replied: “okay, but take care.” WTF!!! hahhahaha, the cheif is damn cool, and funny siang.

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