Sunday, March 01, 2009

2009 new year in london

Monday, January 5th, 2009

im spending my new year in london with my colleague. thanks to her, she brought me out with her friends to a club in down town.

i started my day in london once i got the key from hotel. i didnt even take any rest, cos im rushing out to get some thing from the shop by tube. i have to act fast, or else i will not have enough rest before i go out in the evening.

any way, thank god i finished [sort of] my shopping and went back with tube then get some sleep before its too late.

on time, i dressed and start drinking wine in the room. nice. we planned to go to big ben to see the fire works..okay.. im so looking forward.

when we reached the club, party started. it was crowded as usual, yet its new year eve. end up we didnt go big ben, we stayed in the club only.. heheh. come on, its freezing cold out side, and its freaking far and crowded, i dont think i can make it to big ben, so better stay and drink to, we count down from far by looking up the skies…. its covered by clouds and it seems thunder storms to me. but any way, i watched the fire works on news the next day… hehhe.
the best part was we didnt get the cab cos its too expensive, its double compare to usual rate. lucky the tube was 24 hours, but we took the wrong train and we were almost freezing to death while waiting for the tube at the station. and guess im mixing alot of alcohol and i threw up on my boots…. gross!!

any how, i had fun that night.

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