Sunday, March 01, 2009

2008 christmas in MYS

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

i had fun for this chrismas, 2 days before and on the eve and even on christmas with my dear friend and my family.

day 1:
went to shopping a bit with my colleague, cos i want to take pic with christmas tree. then i go back by cab, with all the precautions… haha. home cooking and yam cha for supper,, yum yum roti planta and chicken satay!

day 2:
went serious groceries shopping with mom as usual. went PJ in the afternoon to eat and lepak again then go to a pub with dear friend to get crazy a bit.

day 3:
went back in the morning for lunch, wait for bro fee to come back. went chinese dinner which he doesnt want to have it, cos he said christmas supposed to have western style… but i dont care. i just wan to eat the “hokkien mee”, “siong tong la-la”….etc al the chinese food that i can get from this uncle near aunt’s place. went back KL and had alot fun at bar with colleagues and my dear friends again.. wohooo….bell, so many first time experience with u, and i forgot to take the wheel chair pic of u while u drunk.. hehe. im way too concentrate on u, make me sing u a song some more!!

day 4: bro fee came to collect his car and all of us went for western style christmas lunch since i know he wanted it so much. because he wants to match the feel, the spirit of christmas instead of a chinese cooking for christmas… ahhaha. chilled at a restautant while waiting for mom and his gf at the bookshop.

some thing funny happened:

i dont want to go starbucks, cos its too crowded, and dome too. so wanted to eat the chicken pie at dome. then i chose san francisco steak house just to rest a bit, cos its kindda empty.. nice spot for us to crap!

the menu came, and we surt thru the list….about to order but no one bother to take it. hmm…. because both of us look poor huh?? what so ever…and finally we ordered. one mango tango and i pint of heineken draft in a sunny day.

the waiter came with the drinks and he handed me the mango tango. i looked at him and looked at my brother. and i smile to him. he told the waiter that the mango tango is for him…. hahah. guess what the waiter said?? “the world changed”… hahha, i cant stop laughing, cos the situation is funny, and my brother his facial expression is damn funny since we had lunch at the restaurant… god i miss him and his gf ady.

any how, i had alot of fun for this christmas. and thanks to all my dear friends. i love u guys!!

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