Thursday, March 26, 2009



这次有一点赶。。还蛮累的。 终于有一个晚上可以睡得很好!!

可是当天晚上因为某种事情令我很烦躁,根本就不晓得要或者可以做什么,就酱睡着了。。他妈的,早知道的话就一早就打那通电话。害得我白白浪费了两个小时。还烦了jessie 30 分钟在MSN吹水。

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

turn around - CAI

once i woke up in the morning… my mood was so so…

because i know im gonna fly with someone i dont really wish to fly with, but its okay. just a short flight. no big deal. as long as its gonna be a safe flight. the rest i dont care, seriously.

in flight… okay, every thing is fine. i dun wind to go hundred times in the cabin to give them blankets, headphones, water or even paracetamol anymore. as long as i have time to do it, i will. because i dun really like to sit on the jump seat and listen to the non sense crap anymore, anyway its a short short flight. dont have to crap to kill time. hahah.

well, im still cool for the flight. and the pax seems not so crazy today… emm. may be my mood is getting way much better for the 2nd sector.. because i know im going back and gona have 3 days off for not doing anything.

although having some turbulence, and quite shaky,, but its all good. just a little dizzy. but still alright. because i have another safe and steady flight that i wish for.. thank god.

slump dog millionair [movie]

guys, this is a very cool movie. although its all indian, but they speak in english.. i just watched it with my fren the other day.
jamal the guy in the movie….i like the young jamal instead. haha, cos he’s cute.
im sure u guys will like it, because this is non the usual typical bollywood movie. dont play play ler, this is the 8 oscar winning movie. damn cool!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


March 21st, 2009

近来越来越爱钱了。。。真的!他妈的,在这世界上,钱真的 ”死白“ 重要。少一点都不可以咯。
很多同时也相关的告诉我钱对他们目前来说很重要,不能缺少的“粮食”。 哈哈,讲真的,有的时候钱比任何东西重要 [除了家庭吧]。

当然,钱也比男朋友来的重要。 不开玩笑,钱不会令我不开心, 但是男友就一百巴仙有机会让我不开心,会令我担忧,也很烦。

没钱已经够我烦死了, 所以啊,我尽量不给任何事情令我烦。

就算男友有钱也很烦。一天到晚要“婆”他,不然一不留心就被抢掉。有着又那的。 他妈的,到底是自己差还是怎样!!! 哈哈,如果真的被抢也无所谓。因为酱的男人很烂!



March 18th, 2009

seriously i dont have a clear mind. i duno what to do and what to say some times…especially just now when im at the station.

em.. when i looked at her.. sigh. i duno what to say, a lady wasted her 34 years in her 50’s. she seems happy some times, and these few days i noticed she’s very quiet compare to before. well, i know its not easy, but can always try, age doesnt matter actually, janji got young heart..

well, try to be confidence a little bit then every thing will be fine.. i gueess.

happy birthday…

March 8th, 2009

well, duno what to say to someone ady lost touch since… emmm

hope u doing well and happy birthday!!

long week …

March 8th, 2009

damn it, i hate this shit, and its going to haunt me for duno how farking long. @#$%^Y&U.
okay, may be this is not a big big deal as compare of the natural disaster, the damn farking miserable life. but it doesnt seems any better as compare to the current situation… bastard f*cker ah, always always create problem. and always make me so worried and non stop worry even im thousands miles away.

may be some of u say take it easy lah, nothing can be done, bla bla bla. dont talk general to me. so instead of saying something, i prefer u to keep your farking mouth shut.. means, SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!

so where ever u are, pls take care for me. dont let any thing stupid shit happen on u or let any soh*i to ruin your life. and trust me, i will do anything to make it work, but u have to be strong, firm and MUST stick to the plan.


March 7th, 2009

after this vacation, i started to think what should i do next instead.. hmmmm.. what should, and where should i go next.

i have an idea, any how, but im too affraid to committed. cos i dont wan to be a slave to my asset… cos i still want to enjoy life. do what ever i want to, just go with the flow… be selfish and be free.

well, since some thing happened and i confirmed what i want … at the moment. wahahha… now talking something big and have to commit ler. damn serious. can not quit my job just because i dont feel like it, can not simply buy any useless and unneccessary stuffs anymore… instead of thinking twice, may be i got to thinki 30 times from now on. %#@#$%^&*. mana boleh!!

emm…since my vision and objective is very clear why im still here in kwi, i got to do something instead of wasting my time and hard earn money. so, i wish it gonna be worth to stay and see u guys in 2010.

money or knowledge??

March 6th, 2009

just now was so… nothing to do as usual.
surfing online, and of course “chui sui” with some friends as usual.

one of them seem kindda depressed i supposed. he has been away and all the while he’s alone. always busy and stress with work as far i know. but who doesnt. every one has their own problems…and nightmare too.

well, he decided to leave this stressful and busy life. i supposed he knows what he wanted most….emm. guess he rather to have a lower pay job instead, cos he said he doesnt work like a cow and screw his health.

matter of fact, wedges comes from greater responsibility job. nothing is easy and sit back to relax.

and he kinda complain why we study so much, so far he didnt see any good yet. moreover, he said start to grow vege and ask his future son to “chow kew tiew” may be can earn more than him. yet can save more than 100k for education.. hahha.

so, money or go for knowledge??

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Thursday, February 26th, 2009

im in BKK for my fisrt flight after the long vacation.

even though its a short flight, but seriously i cant take it. cos im so sleepy… em, may be the “worm” getting bigger or fatter.

the hotel is pretty comfortable than the previous old and haunted. i guess, some my colleages told me their experience. im farking scared!!! cos i damn coward when it comes to spiritual believes.

well, as usual. i like to go lepak alone. some times busy to go shopping and visiting. but this time i lepak casual and slow. i walked and took sky train when im tired. i bought alot as well, cos its reasonable…. emm, well, i need to alter it a bit cos i want it to look better on me…i went massage at least one time in one day. foot massage, thai, oil….cos its cheap. worth to try.

i went movie, emm.. i wonder why the digital movie cost a little expensive although its same to me. anyway way, i watched it. and as usual i drink before i sleep….. to relax. muahahha.

i guess i will overspend this time, because every thing in BKK seems so …. not expensive and affordable.

wisdom tooth

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

its pretty painful when having tooth ache.

i didnt wait till it starts the pain. cos i knew its gonna be ugly. so i decided to remove the lower wisdom tooth which is tilt instead.

thank god its not that painful during the surgery an not serious bleeding after that. just swollen gums, and feel damn irritated and pain..

just having some minor problem when im going to u know its kindda disaster for me cos i cant eat good for 2 days. keep feeling hungry all the time…. %^&*&^%^&.

emm… im gonna remove another upper wisdom tooth later. damn it!

valentine’s 2009

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

i spent v-day in mys this year. cool huh, yeah, i know! with my kaki still. love it! this has been …..umm. many years since uni time. its not pathetic, its fun and happy, like gathering. may be i find it pretty pathetic in the first few years, but im okay with that after that, start enjoying this kind of get together. hahha, i know guys, u must be thinking i just find another excuses for party only.

nahh… who cares, i just wan to be with my friend, and have fun. i dont think going for a dinner on v-day very special any more. if a guy like/love me, every day is gonna be v-day. emmm…okay, frankly, i never celebrate it with just one person. alone, yes; a bunch of friends, yes. with someone special.. emmm…NO. just duno why, may be wrong timing and not around gua.

hmm…. i heard alot lousy real stories from friends and families. sighh.. serious i have no comment. but seriously i wonder why ppl now aday dont talk and act with their senses. all non sense and bull shit, lame excuses. marriage?? in a relationship?? bull shit lah.. divorced rate getting higher and case curang more and more….. and single relationship with no string attached….hmm. im pretty agreed with the latter one. atleast no kids, no responsible lor. guys, think twice wey, and dont be irresponsible. okay, u can say new generation, new perceptions, new trend…. dont tell me ethic also changed lor. once u committed, no kids, okay. may be not so much problem. but when u have one….alot consequnces.

emm. i went too far. sorry guys.

any how, i went to a club in KUL with my friends. pretty fun, but it will be more fun if they didnt ask their male colleagues out. my god, they’re sooooooo .. boring and not happening. we started a game, and they’re so not cool. are guys being gals now a day??? i wish not… hahaha. actually i wanna tell them: hey, u and your friend can go back any minute, cos we dont need u guys here. hahhaha, i wish i could say that.

happy valentine’s or valentines’ day.

day 16- 20…HKG

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

came to HKG in the very last minute. didnt plan not until my fren told me to come during her 2 days off. that’s why im here.

i took MTR, light public bus, every where. and of course im death tired. nothing much in HKG… i guess. i duno what and how ppl see HKG actually. im here makan, minum, lepak only. i didnt go crazy like i did before. so u guys can imagine HKG not as cheap as others quote. living costin HKG is high, and of course the income of the local is okay though, if not they wouldnt able to survive gua. one bowl of standard desert cost 28HKD. one standard wan tan mee cost 38HKD… fuhhh, not cheap.

although i went quite a number of places, but the most shopping i did for myself was in “sasa” the cosmetic shop.. hahha, i duno why, may be i just cant resist to buy, or may be im getting ugly lately….

the most happening place was DISNEYLAND!!! i just love it, although its small as compare to other disneyland, but i didnt visit all the places…hmm… because i was so late, i went in the afternoon. at least i saw the parade, mickey mouse, and the amazing fire works. really a wowwww, for me, its nice.

on the last day of visit, i went out alone to lepak, minum, makan again. i went to “wan zhai”, wanna take the cruise, but i dont have much time, have to rush back so i can go gold coast later in the evening after dinner with my gal friend.

well, this is my HKG trip, seriously, i didnt find any thing special yet. frankly speaking, i prefer malaysia still. next vacation….. taiwan!! country that i always wanted to go back visit.

mrs khoo…

Friday, February 6th, 2009

a naive woman married to my dad. all these years she never learnt to become smarter. still naive and always happy go lucky some how no matter what happened. seriously have to salute her positive mentality and never gave up attitude.

for those friends and families member that know my family situation… well, u guys should know, but of course not every single detail. even im mom’s kid, im not 100% sure what’s going ono sometimes. sighh.. i duno this is good or bad, sometimes i rather dont want to know about it. just want to have a clear mind instead.

chinese proverb “家家有本难念的经”, u dont know what’s going on until u see and experience it. nothing much to complain, because i knew some other ppl their family matter is much much terrible than us. so, life goes on, learn from it, and live better!

this afternoon, i went out with mom in order to fetch the kids. ohhh… FYI, mrs. khoo she’s fetching 3 small kids from the neighbourhood to school, for tuition.. about 6-8 trips during weekdays. this is not a easy job, okay. i dont think its easy. i see her get in and out the car to get the kids, have to wait for them, have to look for a parking, have to trap in the jam during rush hour, plus the weather is hot and sunny, what if its rainy day??? very leceh lor.

by seeing her doing all these for the kids even though they’re charged, still i think this kids really “bahagia”. before, me and bro have to take bus to school, and i have to do “transit” somemore, where got ppl fetch. no bus then walk to school . some times have to run, haha, if not gonna late for class.

ever since the factory mom used to work declared bankrupt. mom didnt stop working, she went to help in a day care centre, earned some money instead. and by chance she ended with this job. its good for her to do some thing some times, or else she gonna stay home and she get bored fast. this job and the kids keep her occupied a bit during weekdays.

can tell mom is getting happier compare. atleast not that miserable anymore. before she’s living in terror, huge mental disturbance i guess. if i was mrs. khoo, i dont think im gonna make it.

hahah…. im not kidding. just cut stories short, she has to go through the pressure from the khoo-family, from her own family member, from outsider, everyone that connected, family violence, serious financial crisis… etc. all this happening because she married to my dad, a sick and mentally weak husband. u guys will never be understanding, trust me!

well, dad is getting better, he’s stronger now. and its a damn good decision he retired earlier than actual age. if not he will be suffer. this formula is easy, if dad good = mom good too, dad happy = mom happy too. got it?? of course i jave to thanks dad for his 20 years hard work, if not me and my brother wouldnt able to finish high school…. may be lah, never know. anyway we make it all the way to uni that mom didnt expect.

this year im seriously surprised! one of my cousin that always condemn mom, dislike mom gradually changed.. guess she finally knew mom is the good among the gp. plus mom has us!! hahah, i was kidding with mom this CNY, finally she can 守得云开见月明, good sign!!

so, thanks for your hard work mom. that’s why we are always sayang u. i wish u have long and healthy life. by the way, i will not get rid of my “lazy habit” when im with u ya.

days in malacca….

Friday, February 6th, 2009

its good to have long vacation, but i wish it will be longer.emm. too bad life arent that perfect some how.

i took about a week stayed with friends and brother in malacca, a well known historical town in malaysia.malacca is a place i love to go since young.nothing special about it, but i love it alot. no matter how many times i go i still find this place interesting.its a place can relax and eat out.chicken rice ball, cendol with gula malacca is my fav, jonker walk too.and of course some other delicious cheese naan, tanduri chicken, ikan bakar, ikan pari… etc.days in malacca really fun, these kind of fun is totally differ from life in KUL and PJ.its more relaxing, stress-free.unlike KUL and PJ, massive traffic jam, swearing inside the car, toll gates, parking charges, expensive food, expensive rental,, etcspend money like water… my hard earn money just gone in a sec.

hahah, i knoe its a little bit “kua jiong”somemore need to be alert all the time due to high frequency of snacth theives since im a frequent plubic transport mode got to be in “ALERT” all the time, checking my bags, my mobile, my wallet especially. like a crazy gal once i step inside the KTM and LRT now aday. when i drive i feel stress too, scare duno which “ga na sai” got drunk and hit me, or which lousy idiot didnt really go thru the proper road test and still get their driving license…hmmm. so much to bitch about life in the city.

guys, if u wan to have a relaxing vacation, u can always try malacca.

day 9 [chor 5]. 10 [chor 6], 10 [chor 7]…out of SBN

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

chor 5:-

had a wonderful night out with friends and bro to karaoke in malacca. karaoke is bit boring, so we decided to have a occupation dress code. wahahha,,, its cool!

chor 6:-

makan and minum in muar… nothing much to do. kindda tired, cos too full and heavy to move around..

chor 7:-

went JB to meet eu…..and back muar for seafood dinner. thanks belle. i had alot good food, and thanks for your time. gonna back to malacca tonight and continue my makan makan trip.

happy birthday puppy

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

13 jan - happy birthday puppy.

hope u have fun in dog’s heaven.

i want magic!!

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

i watched a movie just now. sweet and romantic…

ya, i damn agreed that when the gal in the show mentioned magic to make the relationship works… but.. what if there’s not more magic?? gosh, im damn pathetic… always what if….if and if.

life is short, if there’s too many if in my life, im not gonna have magic nor chemistry.

so.. who;s gonna have this magic or me??

wait for me!!

Friday, January 16th, 2009

im so excited once i get back to kwi.

usually i will be death tired and of course my habit to unpack luggage. if not i wouldnt sleep well. heheh, i wonder why, may be im damn excited to check out what i have bought again and again and keep it back into the plastic bag. guys, i have alot things that i haven remove tag, i can sell it to u if u want to.

since im recovering from the gastric, but im still okay to do my laundry. im not sleepy yet… tired, but not sleepy.

by the way, im packing my luggage…. wah hahah. im so so happy, i cant wait to go back for heaven’s food in malaysia!! i have too many things to bring along for this coming vacation.
u, u and u!!! wait for me!!

mind your mouth you evil bitch!!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

im having gastric pain and i still work.

and u bitch u dont have to bitch about me, i eat because i work hard and i need energy for it.what im eating? its only bread, milk, boiled egg and water and a little fish. that’s all!!!9 hours flight i shouldn’t take any food to work??

and why u want to said im sick only during take off and landing?and why u said i eat all the time??i eat slowly bit by bit cos i cant eat all at once cos it will hurts my stomach u bitch!!

what ever u want to say evil u know im having cold sweat and cant even stand straight in the cabin while during u think i will keep saying im in pain im in pain. i keep quiet doesnt means im alright and fully recover. i talked to another gal because i wanted to distract myself from the restless feeling due to pain… dont u ever learn things like that?? u bodoh celaka!
i wish u will get this back fire one day, trust me, what goes around comes around!

im keen enough to go for flight!!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

u know im kindda disappointed when i get to know this.

im sick on board and i still go for a flight. but non of them appreciate that at all. and they still back stabbed me instead! i want to tell u here that i go for a flight because i think i can still do it, i dont wan u guys feel tired when u lacking one crew onboard!!!

okay this egyptian bitch, and the other arabs they’re not only dont appreciate and have to bitch about me, okay fine!!

i think other ppl only like lazy and crap ppl that can crap alot. they are blind enough who’s really work. what ever guys, i wish u all good luck and GOD will see what’s the shit in you. i have nothing to say to “zhong-dong shit” any more!

snowing in NYC

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

my first real real snowing experience in NYC.

its not heavy snowing, but at least i see the snowing carried by the wind and its nice to see, but its not nice to experience it. cos im kindda sick when i went out to grab some thing near by. i spent about 3 hours to see the snow…. its nice!! hmmm….i may not have the chance to see it any more, so i have to see it this time.

it will be much better if im not alone, at least with a friend or something, but seems like i always alone by myself, my rotten luck! any way, at least im here.

im coming back guys, watch out!

sick on KU102_NYC_LHR

Monday, January 12th, 2009

im kindda sick for this flight, having gastrointestinal problem. vomitted, cold sweat.. etc.
hmm, im not supposed to go on flight from NYC though, but any way, i cant reverse the time now.

but atleast i told cheif in advance before the flihgt so i will not be blammed.actually i dont wish to go, but its really bad when someone reported sick.since im not having any thing serious fever, serious pain, so, still okay to go.

actually kindda disappointed to see what’s going on.but its all the shit, nothing much to talk least im glad i got to rest a bit after the 1st service.. cool huh?

when i reached hotel in london, i need a doc, called the reception.i waited 4 hours in the room, i called the reception again.may be the doc thinks vomitted and diarrhea is not a big deal so he didnt come that soon.any way, since i feel better, i told the lady i dont want the doc any more, cos im fed up.

i went out to get myself some bread and milk to make my self feel better when im a little fresh.and thank god i brought lappie with me so i can watch the TVB drama to kill time.

im here now in london, nothing to do any way since im weak.i dont have the stamina to walk and wander the city by myself this time. seriously, im bored here, no one here to even say hi and how are u.. hhehi dont expect any thing, but i started to accept what i usually dont wish to.there’s a chinese words i learnt in the society. 人情簿过纸真的很吊!

so afraid to fall sick when im away from home.i wish to go and i want to go.

be strong, im here with u

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

ya i know guys, im a weak in emotional ever since im back from malaysia. sorry to let some of u down about that. but i promised i will adjust myself back to normal alright? just give me some time for that, i promised i will means i will!!

for my dear friend that facing some sort of personal problem, emotional crisis too. sorry i cant help much, but u know i will always be a good listener, i can always let u cry on my shoulder if u want to. [** only applicable to my dear dear friends] just give me a ring, will u?? dont be shy.. heheh.

seriously i duno what’s going on lately, or before. but nothing can be done nor be fixed any more, so fuck it and forget about it. never expect the bastards will turn into angel, its not gonna happen. just be positive, and be happy, dont let them stir chaos in our peaceful life! not gonna worth any thing any way.

we have to move on and looking forward for good things to come. be strong, be rational and be ourself. ignore the lousy ppl around us, and leave the bastard behind us.

so, my dear dear friend. be strong and stay postive all the time alright? im here for u holding your hands if u need me for sure, no matter what.

crap talk in MSN

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

its a boring day..especially when i feel sick and i woke up late in the afternoon due to body ache….

start my day by switching on my lappie, check news, emails…etc. reply a couple of emails….nothing much.

then i started to crap with some old old friends back in malaysia as usual. i was telling them some of my stories, and they told me some updates too… that’s how we keep in touch.

one of them was telling me this, ” never ever suspect your charm, you’re lovely,..pretty……n generous plus sporting” woww….. this is first time he told me this. okay, i will keep that in mind since u said u knew me long enough. and dont u forget your promised when im back later…. i wan a food festa in your home town!

i did crap alot in msn today, and thank god u guys are so sweet to me. stop making me emotional again. i will cry ler….. cos i miss all of u, u guys know me best since long long ago. sweet and caring like before.

thank god i still have u all with me.

“she’s cute and tiny”

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

relationship is complicated… may be not to everyone i mean, but most of the time things can be ugly and full of surprises.

this fren of mine, he’s in his mid 30’s. he get to know a gal which is younger then him 4-5 years i supposed. but what ever, chemistry brought them together. they can talked and craped what ever it is in their mind. no hard feeling between them i guess, because they treasure every moment they spent together.

they were happy from what i heard from him. he smiles when he talked about her. he rushed to see her or talk to her when there’s a chance. i can tell he’s really loves her…. a lot. but he cant do much for this gal at the moment, because he’s busy with his work.. hmm… well. about this issue i duno what should i say. actually busy is not an excuses, nor a reason.

since busy was his reason, and he’s not staying with her even. which means they dont really see each other in real, just via cyber. pretty sad case isn’t it?? this fren of mine he’s nice, he’s not selfish person overall. he knew he cant be with her but he still wish her to meet someone can give what he cant offer. well, the gal said okay and go with the flow.

lately, this gal she met a new guy. she told him that they’re seeing each other. of course this fren of mine he got jealous, the fact is he cant blame anyone but himself…as mentioned earlier, he’s the one who agreed about that, damn his silliness.

he looked pretty sad while he talks about how she met the new guy. tentatively, he still has his smile on his face when he talks about her good stuffs. as far i know from him, she’s very nice to him. that’s it!

u know what i see from you??? u were happy when u said : she’s cute and tiny. suddenly at that moment i wish someone will talk about me like u talked about her though. or may be i wish im her for a minute…. hehheheh. im kidding!!!

i know u like her, but u are stupid enough to let her go. tell me when can u find yourself another chemistry???? will it be the same any more??? hmmm… i duno what to say, but i wish u will not be that busy any more. that’s all i can say.

drinking habit…

Monday, January 5th, 2009

may be alot ppl think that i’ve been drinking alot!

no guys, i love to drink because it helps me to relax, and sleep better.

alcohol will not make me happy, it just helps to relax myself.

i dont have anyone by my side, i duno who to throw tandrum at, i cant cry to a strangers when i feel emotional weak, i have to be/ act strong all the time. im alone in kuwait by myself. okay, may be i go out with my colleagues occasionally, that’s it.

so…pls be understanding. well, wine or pills?? pick one for me.

2009 new year in london

Monday, January 5th, 2009

im spending my new year in london with my colleague. thanks to her, she brought me out with her friends to a club in down town.

i started my day in london once i got the key from hotel. i didnt even take any rest, cos im rushing out to get some thing from the shop by tube. i have to act fast, or else i will not have enough rest before i go out in the evening.

any way, thank god i finished [sort of] my shopping and went back with tube then get some sleep before its too late.

on time, i dressed and start drinking wine in the room. nice. we planned to go to big ben to see the fire works..okay.. im so looking forward.

when we reached the club, party started. it was crowded as usual, yet its new year eve. end up we didnt go big ben, we stayed in the club only.. heheh. come on, its freezing cold out side, and its freaking far and crowded, i dont think i can make it to big ben, so better stay and drink to, we count down from far by looking up the skies…. its covered by clouds and it seems thunder storms to me. but any way, i watched the fire works on news the next day… hehhe.
the best part was we didnt get the cab cos its too expensive, its double compare to usual rate. lucky the tube was 24 hours, but we took the wrong train and we were almost freezing to death while waiting for the tube at the station. and guess im mixing alot of alcohol and i threw up on my boots…. gross!!

any how, i had fun that night.


Monday, January 5th, 2009

flying with these pax profile seriously can be damn surprise. they’re wierd and crazy i supposed.

example one:

she took her 2 kids inside the lavatory, guess what she’s doing inside? she gave them a bath…. hmm…. is she nuts or what? why cant she do it when she’s in NYC later?? she used the towel to wipe them i supposed, because all the towels in the toilet gone. may be she steal it and keep inside her bag.

example two:

pax asked me for milk for his kids… hmmm.. no surprise, cos they always ask for milk to feed their baby/ babies. be rational, if u travel with kids, will u not bring your own milk powder?? these ppl they willing risk their baby’s life by feeding them the usual UHT full cream milk. or may be skimmed milk… they’re just out of their mind.

example three:

its the dyper this time. one pax he asked can i give him a “@#$”, cos i dont understand his “in-glish”. so i said: i beg your pardon. then i realised he wanted a dyper for his baby.. hmm. okay. well, guess u want every thing from the company again. dont they have their own?? so i went all the way to the front and get him one dyper. when i reached him one dyper, he said why only one… huh. WTF!!! he expected me to give him one whole pack is it?? i told him u need it for 1 kid isnt it? he said he has 3 kids….. [me] nia ma…#$%%$#. well, i told him in a polite way, we supply this only for those in need. but in my heart i was shouting and wanted to say : u idiot!! its not a complimentary, u farking cheap skate!! then the pax sat next to him told me that he has a bag with dypers… imagine. these pax they’re so stingy and cheap. will 1-3 dypers make a difference in their saving??? i wonder why….

example four:

im ady damn farking busy with the sales since the pax always love to buy last minte before landing… stupid morons! giving me hard time to open, remark, reseal the trolly. anyway this is not the point. while i was on the way to give oax their goods, this indian lady she stopped me and talk to me.. with her lousy in-glish, i still get what she wants. she told me her feet is painful, and she wants to massage it with the oilment. well, i said okay, go ahead. then she pointed at her feet which is with stocking…and said “take” “take”.. wah lan ehh.. she wants me to remove her socks…. NO WAY!!! is she crazy or what? im not a nurse, and i dont want to be a nurse too. i dont care, i said im sorry and no way of doing it then i left. who cares!! i dont even know her, no way im doing it, im just a flight attendant.

imagine… this pax profile.. sucks!

415_211208_door indicator

Monday, December 29th, 2008

while checking…. noticed that the door lock indicator was not okay.. cos it showed “UNLOCK”. as procedur, every thing has to inform the in-flight incharged. i called and they sent someone. i was there and they came and left without telling me any thing. i macam ” ngong ngong” and stand and wait.

then they started the boarding… someone came and check the door again and talked on the phone and left… emmmm.. what’s up weyyy, tell me lah!!

done the ground service some more…. no news yet.

i cant wait any more, i called to the front and asked cheif about it. he said its good to go… emm. okay, thanks.

then he came to the aft, he look at the door and look at me… i asked: “okay cheif??” he replied: “okay, but take care.” WTF!!! hahhahaha, the cheif is damn cool, and funny siang.

i want to know u more…

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

some one said this to me….”i want to know u more”

okay, sure why not? provided u have the time for me. if u are too busy then im sorry for u. if u can have a good time management then it would sound sincere.

some one said ” i miss u alot win”
cool… thanks. should i say i miss u too?? because i dont feel that u’re really miss me that much. u said u miss me… want to see me.. bla bla bla. but u never take any action to show u are serious. so im not going to say any thing to u because u are not in my friend list. if u are my dear friend, i can even call u sweetie, darling, sweet heart, sugar.. etc…any thing, any thing.

some one said “let’s go for a vacation/ day out”
well, pls keep your promised. and try not to bull shit me any more. say want to come visit me, end up not coming, or may be ignore it when i need confirmation. say want to hang out, end up too busy for duno what. and not even a call to cancel it, dont u know i ady get ready in my nice outfit and waiting?? so looking forward, but end up removing the make up and wash my face… i hate that feeling. i wish u will get this kind of back fire later, im serious!

some one said ” i want to forget her by not falling in love with another gal”
why are u telling me this?? …emmm. yeah, why not? u can always fall in love with guy.
what ever others been telling me.. i dont have much expectation. cos i dont wan to get extra disappointment once i hope or looking forward for something.

by the way, this is from me. i wan to know u more if u are real. can i??

there’s only YES or NO

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

im not sure is this consider sincere or not sincere when i come to this situation when i deal with someone.

my brother told me that, i cant force ppl about it, because everyone is busy, and they cant fix a proper time to meet or go some where as planned. because plan always changed with reasons. emmm… i understanding, and i agree with that. but once planned, isn’t it supposed to avoid any clashes with the fixed date or some thing?? grrrr….

and i dislike ppl damn 婆妈, yes means yes, and no means no, dont say im not sure. okay, may be u can say im not sure, but u got to tell me what’s the plan. if u dont even have any plan for me, or include me in the plan, just tell me straight and be frank and say : NO, win, i cant make it. im totally fine with that, no hard feeling, because i will not wait and waste my time looking forward for it and then u tell me NO or im sorry in last minute. i will delete u in my list for the rest of my life…. since u dont care and respect me, so why should i?? i rather have my own plan with other frens or all by myself is much better than u screwed my holiday plan. i have limited time only, i have to fully utilised it. im not kidding.

days ago, i asked one of my fren whether want to meet during my vacation. and its pretty upset me, cos i dont even have a proper response for it. come on!! dont waste each other time, just say YES or NO. i dont want to waste my time with non sense stuffs anymore!!

-restless feeling-

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

i have this feeling damn often now a day, just duno what’s going on with me. feel wan to stretch, wan to walk around, wan to kick some thing, wan to cry, wan to shout, wan to do something so can get rid of the restless feeling. but no matter what i do, i still have it……okay, i will take it easy.

may be im lacking of attention, may be im lonely, or may be i hate to stay away far from a familiar place. i want to stay in my comfort zone.

the day i left malaysia, i cried during the pick up from the hotel. not those crazy crying, just a little bit of tears, wanted to cry hard, but its not so me, i dont do that much, unless i damn sad or may be for a good reason. hahah,,, want to cry yet need a good reason for it… damn.

usually i dont feel bad or something when i leave the MYS, some times cant wait to leave. but it was before. but this time im very emotional, i wanted to stay in malaysia with my family. and talk to my dear friend when i wanted to.

when im in kwi, my soulmate, my best friend, every thing is just DELL and youtube…..okay, msn as well. just away status and go non stop youtube.

serious, i wan to stay in mys, or any place that can make a comfort zone for me. some one there for me to talk instead of 4 walls and DELL, my best friend.

2008 christmas in MYS

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

i had fun for this chrismas, 2 days before and on the eve and even on christmas with my dear friend and my family.

day 1:
went to shopping a bit with my colleague, cos i want to take pic with christmas tree. then i go back by cab, with all the precautions… haha. home cooking and yam cha for supper,, yum yum roti planta and chicken satay!

day 2:
went serious groceries shopping with mom as usual. went PJ in the afternoon to eat and lepak again then go to a pub with dear friend to get crazy a bit.

day 3:
went back in the morning for lunch, wait for bro fee to come back. went chinese dinner which he doesnt want to have it, cos he said christmas supposed to have western style… but i dont care. i just wan to eat the “hokkien mee”, “siong tong la-la”….etc al the chinese food that i can get from this uncle near aunt’s place. went back KL and had alot fun at bar with colleagues and my dear friends again.. wohooo….bell, so many first time experience with u, and i forgot to take the wheel chair pic of u while u drunk.. hehe. im way too concentrate on u, make me sing u a song some more!!

day 4: bro fee came to collect his car and all of us went for western style christmas lunch since i know he wanted it so much. because he wants to match the feel, the spirit of christmas instead of a chinese cooking for christmas… ahhaha. chilled at a restautant while waiting for mom and his gf at the bookshop.

some thing funny happened:

i dont want to go starbucks, cos its too crowded, and dome too. so wanted to eat the chicken pie at dome. then i chose san francisco steak house just to rest a bit, cos its kindda empty.. nice spot for us to crap!

the menu came, and we surt thru the list….about to order but no one bother to take it. hmm…. because both of us look poor huh?? what so ever…and finally we ordered. one mango tango and i pint of heineken draft in a sunny day.

the waiter came with the drinks and he handed me the mango tango. i looked at him and looked at my brother. and i smile to him. he told the waiter that the mango tango is for him…. hahah. guess what the waiter said?? “the world changed”… hahha, i cant stop laughing, cos the situation is funny, and my brother his facial expression is damn funny since we had lunch at the restaurant… god i miss him and his gf ady.

any how, i had alot of fun for this christmas. and thanks to all my dear friends. i love u guys!!

public transportation

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

since long ago, i started to take public transportation to school…. emm. im my secondary school days.

dad seriously dont allow it, because he is damn conscious. he doesnt want me and my brother to take the public transport even though we are pretty poor, and still he’s willing to pay extra to ask someone to fetch us, by car pooling. cos both of us is damn precious to my parents. heheh, see, we are poor but we do have family value and they raise us in a proper way. alot parents should learn from my parents though even they’re suck sometimes. hehe. but i still love u guys, i swear. if not i wouldnt trouble myself and spend so much time at home now!

good thing of public transport is i dont have to waste “精神”, i close my eyes and rest till destination. okay although it will take longer duration, but it just 30min to 1 hour, i still have time to waste for that. or else take cab, but im damn scared to take a cab all by myself. just scared, duno why. i rather take LRT, KTM, bus instead of stay alone in the cab with the driver. usually i will call my fren or family to tell them the number plate and where i hop on.. just in case. and they will estimate the time i reach home.

i still prefer LRT, and KTM. okay, although its pack, but still alright. just make sure u are extra careful with your possesion. what to do, it happens every where, not only in malaysia. but the chances is higher when uare in a pack public transport, just your bad luck if its happen. so take it easy and be alert!!

inside the LRT, KTM, so many thing to see and listen sometimes. serious, im not kidding. some how u will see some ppl they’re bitching, boosting, crapping…. etc. and sometimes its funny.
u may also witness some sincere ppl letting out their seats for the old folks. some dont even bother even they’re at the priority seating… any way, its their attitude, or may be they’re really tired. cant judge them by what i see in few minutes. for me usually i dont have the chance to get a seat, unless its not pack, cos im react too slow to get one. and its okay to stand for a few stops, but not all the way from KL sentral to SBN station, crazy ahhh… kaki can patah weyy. usually i seat on my luggage when i carry one.

any way, the trasport in malaysia in freaking cheap as compare. and its so convenient. i wish u guys will appreciate that….

i want U for christmas

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

christmas is around the corner… wohoo. love it! CNY and x’mas is the best celebration for me. because its consider a family reunion together with other close cousins if possible.

christmas is a meaningful day for my family, as well as me. hmm… guess i love it since young. as i mentioned, im a poor kid yet from a difficult family. i like christmas because i feel joyful during this season. one of my aunt she will bring me present, christmas gifts under the big christmas tree, christmas dinner.. etc. that’s what im looking forward when i was young.

when i grew up and away from home. i dont celebrate christmas, due to this festi season, there’s alot freelance job. i need to earn pocket money. well, im celebrating it with the strangers, counting down with ppl which i dont even know. some times have to serve food or may be serving the drink… @#$%^$. i dont have christmas present, no more christmas dinner, nothing except christmas pocket money from aunt. my only aunt that love me and mr.fee alot.

anyway, i treat it as my working experience during the school days, as compare to others which is bored and dull.. heheh. im not being sarcastic, im just want to think positive back then than being miserable. who doesnt want to hang out and have fun during the festi season with friends and family? i wanted it so much!!!!

seriously, i dont recall any day out with friends during christmas before year 2007. which means i really dont have a proper celebration with anyone i know. but im glad that i had a christmas dinner with my colleagues in kwi last year. a good one though, i still remember what i ate for dinner.. yum yum.

im so looking forward for this christmas dinner with my family in sbn. im so excited this few days. can u imagine, i ady packed my luggage 5 days ago. all the gifts for my family. ONLY family! sorry guys, duit tak cukup. forgive me, i know im stingy. i haven get any thing for myself as well.

emm.. u can contribute a little if u dont mind, cos i have a serious long shopping list to bring it back to kwi. mostly food… hahah.

i love christmas, just duno why.

but, all i want is U for every christmas!!