Thursday, February 19, 2009

you big LIAR!!!

Monday, November 10th, 2008

let’s me tell u something i seriously dislike, or may be i can say i HATE it alot!!

i dont really hate something in life….not even close to hate may be. but.. once u lie about something can give me a negative impact… u better watch out!

well…when ever u started a lie, u have to cover it with another. its like snow ball theory. it will roll bigger and bigger. and its not funny when u caused someone to feel bad about it.

seriously i wonder why ppl love to lie. what for? any benefits?
hmm. if its white lie, just kidding than im fine with that.

i hate liar…

anyway, let me tell u his gal in the company. i think she’s mentally ill. once she’s here in kuwait, she’s been telling everyone she’s some big shark. hmm. anyway… i just listen to her bullshit. for example, she just like to create stories to make herself look…emm…look pretty high-class. as if we all are low-class uneducated retarted! i kept quiet cos im fed up with these non-sense.

okay, i know your dad has a G-2; okay, i know your dad sent u a body guard [something like that]; okay, i know u are a fashion model in NYC magazines; okay, i know u are a master degree in medical stuffs; okay, i know you are british but u work in kac because of u like to serve pax which travel with this company; okay i know u are a embassador from UN [pls correct me if im wrong]; okay, i know u have alot connections; okay, i know u have a lovely fiancee; okay, i know u are japanese too; okay, i know u did a brain surgery and with a unbeliveable speedy recovery before u went on a flight… im sorry i just dont pay much attention on which flight u did; okay, i know u had brain tumour, i feel bad for u as well; okay, i know u resigned, cos u told me u refused the flight and went to your GL to resigned the next day…ooppss. ..but someone told me it just a leave application form u tendered. i thought it supposed to be a resignation letter instead. emm.. may be im wrong AGAIN. but anyway, im glad u stay.

by the way, im a degree in science too. maybe we can talk about the latest technologies in medical. in a professional way i prefered. im a hokkien and hakka mix, and im a chinese. nice to meet u; im no one in the company or even any way on earth, but i have alot of caring friends; im just a fligh attendant working in economy class; i will resign too when my future bf or husband ask me to;

im pround to be who i am, i dont lie to become who the hell i wanted to be. im cool with my low-class back ground; im cool to be a child from a average educated family. im cool to tell pll about my family chaos if they’re interested; so what?? and who cares??

be yourself… you dont have to lie.

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