Thursday, February 19, 2009

yes, i do……. then what else??

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

10 years ago i was happy and naive to spend my time with friends than family. it was fun of course, but seems like my parents and cousins they thought im getting bad and worse, and so and so…. but.. i finished my education, although it took a little longer.. haha, cos i extended another semester, 6 months longer. but its cool, i can spend more time in school and work part time to earn extra pocket money. just spend some time to fool around. at the mean time, i was with my ex-bf. it was not that cool, i rather spend time with frens, that’s why i stay in the gal hostel instead. hahhaha.

well, do learnt alot from the worst ever in years. that really changed my perception alot. and i know what i want compare to the naive teenager i was. its a good thing i supposed. still i dont agree with my parents and cousins that i made wrong decision before. but they judged me wrongly!! any how, they shut up and say nothing.

since im single now, mom started to get worry about me. now she’s encouraging me to find someone that can share things with me.

nah.. what for!!! lazy to get to know someone, and go through all the shit stuffs if he’s not the right one. most important shit is when they don’t apprecite u and not being understanding. its really a WASTE OF TIME!!!its better to stay single and be freedom though. do what ever crazy stuffs i want to do at the moment. hmm.. i know its a little lonely, but sometimes its way better than 2 staying together. ANY HOW… still want to be grateful to those that able to get their special one. hehe.

let’s back to my part, as i mentioned. after u get married then what else, divorce??? he might not be the one still. i know life its like gamble, no pain no gain. may be im selfish enough, i dont want to go through the hassel in the future, because i know my luck… not a lucky gal after all, at least not bad luck. haha. still i need to be hard working to get what i want. santa wont come to knock at door and give me a bag of money each year. no such thing okay. stop dreaming and get back to work!!

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