Thursday, February 19, 2009

u bitch!!

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

went on a flight yesterday. although its up and down, but its really dont consider a nice flight.
hmm. lets straight to the point.

after collect the waste, this crew she was asking me to birng her pepsi and a glass of ice. alright, im cool with that. my job.. anyhow.

after that, supposed to go by tea and coffee, i told her twice i will go with tea. but this bitch she was flirting with one pax,,, ma hai. she thinks she’s a damn pretty doll huh? pretty ugly bitch!!

she was so busy bitching and she took the tea.. fuck! i have to go back and collect the coffee.. its 100m away..and why should i?? hmmm.. any how, im cool too.

after serving the coffee then im waiting for collection….

this bitch she came back to the galley, she asked me : u spilled the coffee on the pax?? No, i said. again.. she asked me 2nd time in another 10 sec, did u pour the coffee on the pax? i said : i DIDN’T! [with a serious look].

hello what the fuck is wrong with this gal?? she expected me to say ” YES, i did” when she keeps trying the same question again and again??

is she nuts or she’s stupid?? or dumb? or dont understand english!!!

u can go to hell u bitch! pls dont waste my time!

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