Thursday, February 19, 2009

u are romantic..

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

i love music since young, especially mandrine songs..

i like jacky cheung, emil chou, a mei most.. and of course there’s lot more i prefered.

i seriously amazed by these song composers, they’re really cool, like a story teller. hahha . all songs contain a story/ stories. it describes a touching love story, or may be sending a message. eg, for olympic, for fund raising, for breast cancer, for AIDS.. etc

well, i know all the lyrics for love and romantic songs are kindda funny, because i dont really believe all the romantic crap.. that will not happen unless u are damn lucky to get one romantic kid. ppl now are more concentrate in bread instead. they already forget to be romantic once in a while….so, in order to get that feelings, i need to listen to these songs to feel romantic… haahah, i know its miserable.. hehhe.

okay, may be i shouldnt be that pathetic… of course there’s still alot “romonatic” kid de, so im here to wish u guys luck for that.

i love this

天天想你 天天问自己 到底什么时候才能告诉你

天天想你 天天守住一颗心 把我最好的爱都给你

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