Thursday, February 19, 2009

those can speak “zhong -dong”

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

emm.. im fed up to talk to this group of ppl. they’re just……just……cant think in a righ way especially female.

im operating KWI-LHR, LHR-KWI. im the only asian in E/Y. for your information, i dont talk much. they’re talkin in zhng dong, loud and noisy. they dont even respect others that dont speak “zhong-dong-ZD”

anyway, my point is just about a ZD female. okay, she consider not ugly, and i see nothing in her. she’s so empty, same as her brain…. EMPTY!!

she’s bad in english, i wonder why the company take her in the first place. this is an international co.

she’s talking on the phone with some one after took of from KWI. imagine…if this call made by an asian, guess the asian will received a serious report.

she’s lack of sense, she thinks what ever she knows is right. i always work with this kind of studburn and silly bitch!!

she didnt know im malaysian, she thought im thai. and she said this on my face, u are so typical thai. what the fuck!!! Im CHINESE!!!!!!! u know nothing and u said im “typical”, and how much do u know about a typical thai person??? she’s just an EMPTY bitch!!

she’s bitchy, she wants all the guys to pay attention on her only.

she didnt check her calls, yet she’s instructing me to RESET it by saying, ” pls reset the call, pls pls pls.” what ever u idiot, i got headache when u start talking.

she’s lazy too, no surprise, these zhong-dong most of them they’re lazy.

she’s stupid, and im positive about that. by filling the forms, position is written and she wrote in another column.. is she blind or stupid. one senior was asking her, why u didnt follow what is written?? she said its okay, no problem. i was shaking my head and smile at her, because i have nothing to say about her stupidity and her iresponsible attitude. guess what she said to me : this is not the end of the world… hahhahahah. i wanted to laught. i know this not the end of the day, but u cant even do a simple thing in a right way.. im just glad u are no one, and i wish u will not be some one in the future.

she said this ” why u didnt make up?” and walked away. what the heck!!! u expect me to draw my face as u did?? no thanks, u look terrible!!!

sighhh, why i always work with wierd ppl??

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