Thursday, February 19, 2009

things happened for a reason..

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

has been awhile i didnt hear about this statement…

it kindda amazing after i heard about it again..and its kindda convincing towards something..for me.
its true.. my memories kindda auto switched on…recalling..

part 1:

if i didnt get into this biotech, i wouldnt get to know him during summer class. and i wouldnt changed my perspective and got so much good influences from a mean but knowledgeable person few years after the summer class. if its not because of him, i wouldnt push myself to keep improving everyday after uni to prove i can do it!! ….. im still improving bro! u should be greatful and be proud of it although im not that smart all the time. hahah.
if there wasnt pains and without appreciation plus additional lack of communication too, may be with a little bit of untruthful, i wouldnt made up my mind to quit my routine job. cos i want to escape for a bit. if its not him, i wouldnt thought of going for a flight attendant walk-in interview. cos i wanted to taste how it feels.

part 2:

if its not because of him i wouldnt want to becoming a flight attandent. seriously. anyway. thank you for not being there with me all the while.
by the way, operating these sectors with the pax kac carries. trust me, u dont want to know about it. anyway.. its some sort of good experience to know what’s about it. treat is as a vacation for myself. get to know new things along the way.
adjusting myself physically and mentally.. ..i always believed that when we are in certain ages, certain stages, certain environment, it makes what u are today in life. thank god for im still me.

part 3:

…….we just met, u tell me.

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