Thursday, February 19, 2009

thank you for not trying hard..

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

there’s alot ppl on earth that i came across they’re just a normal human being like me, i can tell u honestly, i am a lazy ass if no one force me to do something big .

let’s back to the point, once ppl get comfortable with their current life or may be conditions. they will slow down and not ambitious…hmm.. i think im one of them, but i still try to improve myself by reading book, updating myself with latest news and tehnologies. cos i still wan to be trendy.. i haven give up…heheh.

emm…. and there’s alot ppl they dont try hard to get what they wanted most. i wonder why?? seems like they prefer “easy to get” stuffs. need not waste their time, energy… then thry start to blame on it… actually kindda serve them right right??

tell me guys, where got free things in the materialistic and realistic world? where can u get what u wanted without putting effort on it?? everyone has to work hard, and worth working hard for it. dont u agree with me???? [okay, except those super lucky asses. im sorry to say that, but some times its just unfair..]

well, let me elaborate some on easy to get…okay, may be u will be lucky sometimes to get a quality stuffs** [**as in anything]. there’s one chinese proverb says 金玉其外,败絮其中.. some thing like “never judged a book by its cover” in english.

and for those hard to get….still, it doesnt means it’s definately a good thing to have.
may be u are not good to handle it well…just remember this, everything has to work in both ways, either antagonistic way or interactive way. u choose it!! really want to waor things out in a harmonion way, please be little extra understanding, little extra caring…. and little extra patience.

IF u dont have these in you, which means u are not meant to have it. so please dont get it by force. may be u will damage it, or making yourself or both in miserable situation.

emmmm… i MUST let u know how i feel inside by telling u this. thank you for not trying hard dear.

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