Thursday, February 19, 2009


Saturday, May 10th, 2008

its freaking hot in kuwait..42c during the day and 34c at night. crazy!! and it will be more crazy in the coming months. 57c last year in kuwait before the winter. mailto:!@#$%25^&*
besides this HOT HOT weather, UV radiation is another factor. s terrible, i dare not go out much and keep applyng sun block even im in the room sometimes. just prevent to get dark or something.

with this hot and dry weather, the air got dusty especially desert area. when the sand storm and hale storm are here, its better to stay indoor. im sure u will not please by this fuck up situation.
some colleagues told me that the summer is here and they wanted to go the beach. well, yallah go ahead gals. i just wan to stay in my room instead. beach side picnic in kuwait during the summer?? NO, thanks.

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