Thursday, February 19, 2009

raya in malaysia

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

its good that i have this chance to go back malaysia for raya… hmm. okay although i didnt visit my colleague’s open house. still, i have the chance to eat lemang and rendang, kedubat chicken curry at uncle’s place. atleast some thing lah.

90% i spent my time with my family. eat at home, asked mom to cook some of my fav pork dish, eg. marinated vege with pork. yum yum. went to cousin’s house for steam boat, wine and crap as usual. all of u thought im having good time huh? yes i did, but true fact was damn farking upset me little bit. but i cant be bother much since 90% of human being they love to “suan1″, love to “hua4 zhong1 you3 hua4″. what to do. actually what i wanted to say is im courteous enough to bring u guys gifts, and u expect me to bring one full bag of gold huh? im working hard here to pay off my loans not to buy u gifts, understand?? why not u help me out a bit for my loans? hw about that u idiot?? bag of gold exclusive for my own family member, not for nonsens. i hope u guys dont mind. hmmm…..guess i can save more not to bring any thing back next time.

breakfast in the morning with mom. i try my best to eat all sort of food, taste it and take away the rest. i cant eat all of that… sigh. i wish i could. still, when i got back here, i realised i miss out so many food. damn it, i should hae start listing down from now on.

have to thank mom cos she helped me out to get most of the food i wanted. we went out to get it in one day. wah haha, nice to hang out together. and thanks to my ex, he really nice and help me alot. hmm.. i have nothing to say about him. he’s just nice to me. and i appreciate that.

thank you guys that show up for the party. finally i have the chance to hang out with u guys even though we dont really spend all the time together. and to those didnt make it… nothing to comment lah, u guys take care. i have no energy to keep in touch anymore. take care and good luck.

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