Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thursday, March 6th, 2008

time to share.. again. heh.

well, let me tell u this. something about me again.

well, crap is what i know best in my life. and not paying attention comes second. hah. not good. it’s not that i don’t respect someone, it happens so naturally… ahha, so naturally don’t respect someone. kekek. umm… please don’t misunderstand me guys, i’m just can’t concentrate sometimes.

i know when this 2 comes together, it will be disaster, melampau!! already not paying attention and yet crap so much, but annoying sometimes.

i wish my crap kaki is with me whenever i want to crap non stop, atleast some same "wavelenght receiver" will understand my crap. some ppl they just don’t get my joke, stress!!
thanks to everyone, i had a great time for KU101 on 040308 although its farking exhausted. but its fun though. i love it.

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