Thursday, February 19, 2009

moving on…

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

its time…its just the matter of time. time is the best remedy and time will tell.

good timing… okay why not? but.. when??….im thinking. haha, may be i just let myself wander in the air space. not even concentrate nor focus on something sometimes. i know i have some sort of serious bad habits. i dont even noticed i did that, not until my friend point it out. okay, thanks. i try not to repeat it.

hahha, what to expect.. being myself and alone all the while since…….i dont remember when was the last relationship. has been awhile though.. nothing good to recall. wah haha…. im farking mean.

being genuine, being caring, being truthful and being loyal just a waste of my time. i dont like to fight, i dont like to argue, and i hate to quarrel. i prefer to talk thing out about it in a peaceful way. it sound kind of boring, i know. but……seems like being nice and lovely its not what ppl looking forward, may be they’re looking for 3rd world war or something big to cause them to have serious emotional distraction or may be some permanent damages. in conclusion…i just wasted one decade of my life for these ppl. a non-meaningful chapter. i should have done something good for myself instead.

any how, thank you guys for all the concern sending from all around the world. u all are good ppl to me, i appreciate that. im serious. i miss the time i spent with u guys during uni. especially with u eugenia, eling, belle and johannes. u indonesian kiddo. u taught me alot bad stuffs with your gal, your current wife eugenia. congrates. hehe. it was fun.!! so nice to hang out in such a budget way..

hey, for your infor. im kindda walked out from the shady paths. nothing is impossible huh??. im strongly agree with that now!!

used to be just me, me and myself before. and ONLY me in kuwait since im here. plenty of time for me to think what’s about in my life. how i want it to be and how to make it better. any how… haha. im not quite yet to have any idea of that. plans always dont go with what i planned for.. but its okay for me. i learnt to be “taking it easy, and dont be too serious about it”— my latest quote. this makes me feel much better than before.

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