Friday, February 20, 2009

-money cant buy-

Friday, December 19th, 2008

yes, i do agree that monsy is god damn important!

money is so useful, money can buy so many things in life, can indulge ourself in so many way, in a luxury way instead….pretty cool huh??

there’s one chinese proverb ” you3 qian2 neng2 shi1 gui3 tui1 mo2″. i knew this concept through mom, cos she always mention it long long ago….

as i told, im a poor kid, still. i live difficult before and its getting better, i hope. i work hard to earn and spend my own money. i damn proud of myself sometimes… hehhe!! actually im glad i grew up in a difficult environment. if not i wounldnt learn and still learning in my days. a rich kid wouldnt understand this kind of hard earn ship, unless they’ve to become poor. but its kindda impossible, i know. what ever, they’re lucky enough any way, nothing to mention much about them. i just wish they’re good ppl overall, not spoiled and respect others!!

okay, i know im in a realistic and materialistic world.

when you’re eating better food, you’re in your HUGO BOSS, you’re going to look a little better than before. and for sure you will earn a lot more respect from ppl too, especially from the ass kisser! well, we’re not stupid as well, we can tell who’s sincere and who’s not.

listen, money is so important, but its not every thing.

money cant buy true friendship, money cant buy true love from friends and family who really care for u.

TRUE friends and love one will never abandon you, no matter you’re in deep shit or you’re running in RED!

hmm… you can BUY me.. just give me a rain cheque.

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