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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

im gonna tell u guys what happened. listen.. may be u experinced it before.

KU541 was nice flight, even though there’s one idoit bastard at my side. any way, fuck it!! dont bother, as long as i have malaysian flying with me, its nice. i met alot medical students from malaysia. they’re on the way going to alexendria for their general for 6 years. here to wish them good luck for years to come, so we’ll have more nice and good doctors back in malaysia later on.

KU542 was terrible, tired, pissed. for this month, the service sequence changed!! a little different instead, due to this celaka changes, more work to do, and more panic situations i faced.
okay, i know its your holy month. since its holy month, u guys should be more understanding and be nice and good. but the real fact i encountered was soooo farking celaka!

case 1:
once they boarded, one pax requested to lower the boarding music in the cabin. [wtf is wrong with u bastard, its the boarding music, its not your house radio!!] but im keen enough to smile and replied him said, sorry sir, this is the boarding music, i cant do anything about it.

case 2:
40% of them were OTP, i got a little pissed! i requested them to switch off the mobile immediately as usual. again, this bitch she told me that the flight will take off in another 30 mins and its okay for her to talk OTP. i said : listen, AC takes off in 30 mins doesnt mean the captain he’s not preparing for the flight. this will interfere the navigation as announced. i wish to have a nice and safe flight back to KWI. pls switch it off immediately. i insist! thank you.

case 3:
after demo, checked cabin to give clearance. one lady started to yell at me after i asked her to upright her farking seat. i never compromise with non sense ppl that yell at me with no reason. i was so serious and no smiling face after seconds. i told the bastard sat next to this bitch: im here to make sure she’s safe to fly with KAC. that’s for her safety reason. she has no right to yell at me!! she has to comply with me!! pls translate this in arabic for me to her, cos i believed she doesn’t understand english. and i walked away. for the whole flight she didnt even ask anything from me. NICE! that’s what i want.

case 4:
pax brake fast on board. fine.! they changed their mind for the meal after we were 5 rows after. “excuse me sir. let me check with the galley attn and i will bring it if i have extra meal” the usual way i deal with them. but, he was rude. he said : i wan u to take it away now! and bring me a clean fork!“. “sorry sir, i will bring something from the galley and then i’ll exchange it for u. my hand is full at te moment.” “no! i want u to to take it now!” okay farker, u son of the bitch. i dont want to have any eye contact with him anymore, i dont even smile, i grabbed his meal and went straight to the back with my handfull of chic biyarni meal. he said thank you to me every time i pour him tea, collected his tray, gave him a glass of water. but i dont give a fuck to him anymore.

case etc….. kacang case i dont remember much. as usual, taking 100 trays of water to flood the cabin. changing seats, pax treat u as if their maid.

full flight, short flight, and someone is not working.!! its farking tired to work alone. i wonder why non of the “senior” notice about it. all of us were busy, as if we were at the battle field. someone is still eating and blocking the work station. really WTF to u jibai-gia, and thanks for the senior for keeping quiet. i appreciate that a lot, im serious. i cant wait to shake your hand and say thank you.

guess im dammn bad luck today, transport got a flat tyre on the way back. fuck!! its just another 5 mins far from rest house @#$%^&*^%$##$%^.

good thing is the salary was out, the only good news i’ve ever heard today.

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