Friday, February 20, 2009

im not magician

Monday, December 8th, 2008

some thing i want to share again..

well, guys im just a flight attendant, im not a magician onboard okay??

if im assigned as a cabin attendant. once im clear to get my ass off the jump seat, i will start giving blankets and headphone, fix the babynet… the standard procedure.

then start the meal service. when im serving the meal, they ask me for coffee or water. hmm… have to smile and say its right after this, so, u would like to have fish with noodels or lamb with rice? when u are serving beverage, they need to refill or extra an everything from the trolley since its FREE. come on,, i have another 100 pax behind u, can u pls dont waste my time?? any way i still let them be and said ” enjoy” with a smile. since i have this retart in the front and u guys behind of him gonna wait. im sorry about that.

when serving tea/ coffee, one pot on the right and tray on the left… they wil ask me for water… hmmm… are u blind? i dont have 3rd hand to bring water for u, u have to wait, i dont care. if u cant wait, im sorry about it. get it from the galley then, im not here for u only. im serving other pax at the moment, and u are not special at all.

when im doing collection, they will ask me for beverage… OMG!! didnt i just served it?? i dont have beverage with me now, im ding collection.. wait if u dont mind. i will bring any thing u guys asked, but u gonna give me time to do it, cos im not a magician.

there’s once, one pax he’s serious dumb. he was in the galley, he point at the water, and said give me water… not even a please. okay i said while im still arranging the cups. when im about to give him water, he said give me water again. WTF!!! are u blind, i ady stop what im doing and gonna give u the farking water!!! im a little angry, i look at him and i said “can u wait for a sec???” he got scared and said ” okay okay okay” what ever u retarted, i gave him the water and dont wan to smile even its part of my job. who cares, rubbish!

the entertaiment system is the best part. 50% of it always always having defect, always unserviceable!! of course pax they will get angry cos they paid for the ticket. well, what can i do other than apologise. im not the technician, the technician in kuwait they’re not doing their job what can i do?? i cant fix it for u, im just a flight attendant. i can only get u a seat with the system is alright.. that’s the best i can do for u, apologised and get u a seat if its not full load.

flying is never easy, especially long and direct flight. but for this flight, i got the best compliment from cheif and pax.. some thing that make my day.

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