Thursday, February 19, 2009

im greedy!!

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

good morning kuwait… listen, its just a greating to my fellow friends stay in kuwait. and good morning to the world. ahaha. nia ma, i damn mean! but.. who cares.

dont really sleep well.. hmm. may be im way too tired..or may be im dehydration. or may be im too hungry… or may be not…

i was chatting with my friend a while ago. was telling her what i want at the moment after i woke up.


i want to eat dim sum in the morning…

i want to eat roti canai, the indian bread with dull sauce and sambal;

i want to eat tandoori chicken;

i want to eat chinese bak kut teh;

i want to eat road side nasi lemak from the malay aunty back in home town;

i want to eat bean curd steam fish with white rice;

i want to eat beef and chicken satay;

i want to eat satay jelup;

i want to eat chicken rice back in my home town;

i want to eat duck noodles;

i want to stay with my mom;

i want to meet my brother often;

i want to stay out of kuwait;

i want to go vacation;

i want to go hong kong for food and shopping;

i want to go china or nice sence;

i want to go taiwan for food;

i want to go japan for food;

i want to spend time in things i love to do;

i want the ppl i love to be safe;

i want the ppl i love to stay healthy forever;

i want alladin’s lamp. !!!

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