Thursday, February 19, 2009

i wish im a computer..

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

im not so good in remember things some how… but i manage to complete my science degree. thank god for it and of course to my hard work, as in copying everyone’s note in the class of july 2001. hohoh…still i had to extend the duration of the course, cos im kindda stupid. haha. but who cares, i paid for my own tuition fees. ya, u are right, im just burning my own money.

since i cant find my allaldin’s lamp and i dont get one doraemon from japan. i wish i can be a computer instead. with…..unlimited storage may be. hmmm.. or my be i should wish to be a printer.. okay. let me talk about printer in my up comin blog. hahha.
why i wish to be a computer??

first, i can store any thing i want to. all the books, notes i have read, and i can score good, with flying colours. get scholarship and futhur studies to PhD… well… since im no longer a student. so forget about it. and i wish i can remember all the medical articels i have read, so i dont need to keep reading it to brand it inside my brain cells when i was a pharma rep..but it seems to be a difficult task…. kekek.

my god, i just duno why im not good in remember stuffs like that.

well, its a good thing though.

since im one of the short-term memory member. i dont really keep alot unhappy stuffs. just carry those terrible terrible hurts and feelings with me. but that’s more than enough to make me feel downcas, uneasy and mentally unfit sometimes!!! hmm. may be i care alot, and its difficult to get it out from my head….grrr…. i know life is such, no pain, no gain. still, i wish to be a computer, so i can delete certain memories. or else i can re-boot it… nice huh? yallah guys, let’s start all over again.

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