Friday, February 20, 2009

i miss u means what??

Friday, December 12th, 2008

i miss u means what????

may be it means nothing at all, just a basic manner to mention it. and my fren he told me that’s true, just a basic manner in europe… even i love u..emmm… pretty sad man.

before, i really think i miss u and i love u is something special… okay, till now even. but it depends who’s gonna say it to me.. i will find it sweet and lovely if i like that person. ehemmm… not cool to those i totally dislike. and i dont care its matter of manner or what. keep it for yourself, pls.

some one said i miss u to me, i seriously doubt it.

wanted to ask, pls define you miss me… but i didnt.. and i said i miss u too. frankly, im serious when i mentioned that. my ” i miss u” is real. but im not sure about u guys..

well, guess “i miss u” still means some thing isn’t it?? or as mentioned, just a basic manner from europe coutries??

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