Thursday, February 19, 2009

i know im bit negative…

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

i know im bit negative now a day, please forgive me.

hmm… having some sleeping disorder too. but.. im still fine with it.

guys i think i didnt do any thing wrong to hurt any one, that’s why i dont think i deserved this kind of emotional crisis. its disturbing and its killing me.

well, let make the story simple.

is that wrong if i show my concern to ppl i like? or may be i love alot? even though to a friend.
please correct me if im wrong….one of my friend he told me this. he said, in a relationship that’s 3 stages..

1st: i like u [as a friend]
2nd: i love u [as a friend/ lover]
3rd: im in love with u [only to lover/ life time partner]

well….. hmmm.. serious i dont know what to say.

always the similar ending for me.. i believed its my fault. may be im not good enough as a friend even…OMG, what’s wrong with me???

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