Thursday, February 19, 2009

i cant wait to FLY with them!!

Friday, November 28th, 2008

as usual…non stop blogging about pax and crew.

although nothing to be surprised.. but every flight, i have a whole new lame experience… hahah. serious, the pax is always a disaster..but this time i did enjoy making fun of them, when i look at them i cant stop smiling because i felt sorry for them during disembarkation.

this is a 4 sectors flight in 7 days. this time im a galley, L4A. i have to stand by the gate for embarkation, greet and say hi how are u sir or madam.. this way, on your left.. bla bla bla.. etc. of course with a smile.. come one guys, believe me, i really smile and stand to face pax during embark and disembark. part of my duty weyyy.

well, the entire sectors are great if… only if there’s no lazy “zhong dong-segi tiga” crew with us. serious i duno what the heck and how they got their clearance. they’re my senior in the company but this is their 3rd air craft type. hmm… i know im not perfect as a crew, but they’re worse than me!!

this is not the first time i fly with these category of crew. they dont work properly though.

the examples as follow:-

* sleep on jump seat while refueling;

* dont take their L3, R3 station after flight leader did the announcement, yet opening the OHB. well, dou think the pax will respect/ follow/ understand the importance of safety first??

* dont even bother to ask pax t take their seat during taxing. are they mute?? i dont expect them to stand and shout. just by asking them o take their seat.. emm…seems like its seriously irresponsible. [i seriously doubt the zhong-dong education back groud]

* non stop eating even during the service.. i wonder they dont have a proper meal during lay over?? or they wan to save money by not taking any food, and wait till they got into the AC?? seriously i dont understand.

* they dont even check their cabin and pax… i seriously wonder why they want to work as a crew and they still manage to stay in the company. and they work with their mouth.

* they dont work as a team, they stopped the trolleys in a non organised way, and start talking, dont even sstand up and sart giving the special meals not until i asked them to go for it. i wonder they dont have common sense?? hmmm… if im still a hot temper like years ago, i will fight with them. but since i dont wan to lower my standard for these idiots, so i prefer to keep quiet instead.

guys, its gonna be 4 sectors working with the same set of crew. if one go lazy, the whole flight will be miserable. and its seriously tired. and i don feel my leg after i reached my room just now….its pretty serious.

this is just about the company crew, imagine… how interesting it can be when i bitch abt the pax.

interesting event 1: -

as usual, they got mad when they cant be seated togther de to their late checking in… come on, its not my fault!

interesting event 2:-

as usual, they didnt request for special meal, and their name not even on the PIL. out of my coutersy i try my best to full fill their needs. and they still dont appreciate that. and they’re not understanding that we dont carry extra special meal. they provide 7:3 of chicken: lamb …..etc. and pls u are not in the first class, we dont carry 450 meals in a 225 ecomony cabin.

interesting event 3:-

pax with kids, they dont carry their own food as usual. and they start blaming us what took us so long to serve them food. for these flight, we have 22 kids on board, just imagine that. they want milk.. they wan snack for the kids, they wan dypers, they want baby wet tissues, they want so many things which we dont really have special provision for kids. cos we are just a commercial carriage.

interesting event 4:-

sector going to LR took off from JFK, and technical, have to go back JFK, and 3 hours delay with the pax on board.

u know our company pax profile.. all “american”.!!!
the really attack us in A340 galley. they want drink, okay, we can provide, and they scream for food too… my god its a night flight, they supposed to have their dinner already.. and the start blaming us for tat.

3 pax they came and talked to me.. i wonder hy hey dont talk to oter crew next to me, just me they wan to talk to.. damn it!!

them: can i talk to the pilot or something, cos every one is hungry and we dont have food, and some pax they are diabetic, some…bla bla bla, should send ambulance….

me [replid when they finished]: im sorry sir, but we dont expect for the delay too. pls be understanding. if u need to talk to cabin incharged, i will inform him about it. pls take your seat. thank you.

im serious lack of patient with these ppl… but i still try my best not looking into their face, im afraid i will stranggle them.. haha.

the cheif came and they had some arguement and he left….but that’s normal.

later, he started complaint in his languague wih some english too. and of course not all the ax they’re sux, some they defend us too.. and its super noisy in aft zone.

one partial blind pax he stopped me when i was checking the cabin. he wish to change his seat cos he doesnt want to seat nar to these noisy pax. well. since its not full load, i got him one seat in the front zone, and i got to hold his hand help him with his baggage to lead him there, because te cabin was dimmed. emmm. i wish his hand is clean u know…any hw, i think he’s nice, at least he thank he for that. and i wonder what the heck is R3, she’s not doing anything for the pax and i have to cover her ass..@#$%%$#%$$

interesting event 5:-

when i was preparing the galley, one pax he came and ask me this.

him: where can i wash my hand??
me [in shock then i smile an replied]: u can wash it in the toilet, pls.

so happened the pilot he was there in civilian… he was wondering what kind of passenger we carry all the time. hahaha

interesting event 6:-

last sector going back on a direct 12 hours flight..28H he is a rude and mean pax. he’s not only disturbing yet annoying. he wants to keep the milk in the fridge with the frozen food. by right its not allow to due to hygenic policy. i told him i dont have a place for it and by the wy its not hygenic, not only for his baby nd of course to toher pax, what if there’s a leak and it spill on the frozen food. and who;s gonna be responsible when this happen?

but i told him this : “excuse me sir, i dot have a place for the milk bottle.” he replied :” so, u wan me to throw the milk on the floor??” in a very rude way.

i wonder what’ wrong with him, he still insist to keep the milk bottle inside the fridge. too bad for me is, i always work with ppl who’s not firm, they never co-operate, and they dont have sense of what’s right and wrong. sighhh… well, i didnt say anything. because no point to educated the retarted!

same pax.. during the collection, he kept his tray on the cabin floor. this i totally not right. not only blocking the aisle and it will dirty the floor, and its not safe, what if someone trip because of it and fall on the handle of the seat? things can happen any time any way.. still alot ppl doing it without second thought. well.. i told him in a polite way and my tone is flat cos i dont want to have any arguement with this retarted!

me: ” excuse me sir, u cant leave the trays on the floor, can u pls pick it up for me?”
him [start to complain things that its not possible, bacause he wants to show he's not doing any wrong] : ” NO, i wont, i have een waitingfor the meal for more than 30 mins, no one give me water since 2 hours ago…bla bla bla”
me: ” im sorry, u cant leav it on the floor, cos i dont serve your food on the floor just now.”
him [still complaining} : NO… bla bla bla.

i dont really bother what he said, cosits not in a proper english, it hurts my ears. and he close his eyes and said he wanted to rest.. he’s really a bastard ever. i didnt pick it up, i looked at him, his wife and kids. i shaked my head and i left. and i dont bother the tray on the floor or not.

later, i told the flight leader about it, just in case some thing big wll happen next. but during my rest, he came to the galley and apologizr to my colleague. and i wanted to tell him, who cares, u are just no one, u are lowering yourself by not comply with us.

any way, this is just one small part for the week. want to fly with me??

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