Friday, February 20, 2009

i cant stop laughing

Monday, December 8th, 2008

as usual, i always think funny stuff inside my mind to keep my mood up.

for example, i wil just smile and laught for what ppl did in the wrong way. serious i find it funny. what to do.. im a mean gal. and i work with non sense, i have to keep my mood up by that. i know its kindda evil to make fun of ppl… but i didnt make it public, i just find it funny at that moment, nothing much.

okay, i not that high class too, but at least im improving to fit into the environment and go international. unless i decided to live in the village then i dont care about what is table manners, dont bother about rules and regulations. but im not, so i have to be up to standard to play the game. come on i want to be in smart and quality level okay.

i make fun ” inside” quietly on pax and crew. some examples,

pax asked me for a prayer room on board… ya, we do have jaccuzzi in the first class, would u like to use it?

pax asked me whether she can have a 3 seated so she can lay down cos she doesnt feel good…hmm.. i will check for u, but i dont believe i can get one cos every row is occupied, moreover i cant move the pax from the seat. she replied : can u talk to your manager so i can go to rest in the front [business class or first class]. me: huh…. emm. im sorry mam, unless u want to upgrade your seat, do u need any medicine to make feel better? she said no. goshh,,, means u are fine, u dont even need any thing to mae u feel better. idiot!!

pax has an injured leg, she asked me is it possible to move her to the front [business or first class]. hmm… what’s wrong with all these pax, u are holding economy ticket, u want me to move u to the front just because of that and let u having the first class service?? come on, that’s impossible!! pax they paid for bsiness and first because they wan to be peace and spacious, i dont think they wan to see u any where near them to disturb their rest. some more she told me when she travel with other airline they gave her the seat… ohh. well, why are u travelling wih us?? i dont believe that at all, say what ever u want, i can even say im a princes.

and have u ever see some one using a egg holder to contain the ketchup or sauce?? hahahha,, i did. its really funny.

goshh, i just cant believe that. life is full of interesting ppl.

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