Thursday, February 19, 2009

i am….

Monday, November 17th, 2008

[everyone, including strangers]

hello, i am Win. im Malaysian!

im a female.. ahhah, im truthful, im sincere, and i hate lies. im lazy but im responsible while im on duty. and im mean most of the time.

i dont talk to strangers unless im on duty, because im scared!!

nothing much to talk to stranger, so they dont know me much. because i dont bother.

[my friends + khoo family]

im mean as usual, because i just want to be myself.

my friend say im wild and crazy.. i think i am.

i like to drink with friends occasionally, but i love to drink by myself [... because...] when ever i have the chance.. im trying to increase the rate, cos im slowing down alot this year.

im caring and lovely to those that’s special or me.

im rational, im serious and im strict. i know its boring… but some times i have to.

i dont like to plan ahead, because plan never stick to what it’s supposed to be. may be rough idea will do… so i wont be disappointed.

i work things very slow because im not a fast person. because chinese poverb says :慢工出细货!!but im efficient if i know its important.

any way….
since im away my original field for years, and im stuck in a slow coutry, and i learnt to be a little patience since then. i try to take things easily and not seriously.. because no one will take it serious except myself. i know its a disaster, but no one tend to bother…and why should i??
life is short, work hard for it and enjoy it.

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