Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

thanks for those sincere enough to donate for china si chuan natural disaster. its pretty sad case.
i watched the follow up news on hong kong channel the other day.

hundred thousands of chinese are homeless because of the serious earth quake. i felt pity towards them cos they’re seriously unlucky. i seldom show my pity-ness to ppl. i have my point of view… for instant, i never give money to begger in my life.. okay may be not yet.
anyway…..they’re not those begger which is healthy still but end up on the street begging for money. they’re not group of refugees from war, battles.. etc.

emm.. may be im too emotional or may be something’s wrong with me. i cried especially when i watched this old man he was by the wrackage. at first i wonder why was he talking into the collapsed building…….may be he’s praying, may be he’s still in shock….my be may be.. then i realised he was talking to his wife that trapped inside. its kindda dangerous situation though, and he still there to accompany her, make sure she’s not alone all by herself before the rescue team arrive. emm……tell me, how many of them can be that caring still when something huge is happening in life??

anyway…. life is short. so try to live life to the fullest and be sincere to ppl that we value and care for..

to be frank, im not a lovely gal or not even close to sincere sometimes. kindda tough and mean though. well….since i can do something small to make a difference for this group of unlucky ppl by online donaton. why not u buddy??

FYI: in order to get water filters and purifier system to supply their daily usage, medication, food, all the basic internal needs need money to make it possible.

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