Thursday, February 19, 2009

–free thinker–

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

this happened few months back. something strike my mind a bit this evening.

inflight, one of this lebanese crew she asked me what’s my religion.

well… i didnt answer her dirctly. i said: my parents they’re christian. for me, im not that religious. so im free to accept any religion.

this is becos mom always told me all religion teach only good stuffs. im agreed with that. mom read bible and the chinese bible too sometimes. she told me its all good. they never teach u to become bad. that’s true.

and this lady she said: oh… well.. if that the case why are u wearing the cross, and if u are free thinker, u wil not believe in god, allah or others…

hmm. damn it man!!!! pls tell me what’s free thinker means lady.

it doesnt means u have to not believe in anything then ONLY claim it as free thinker. im wearing the cross cos its a gift from my family on my 21st birthday. can u see the diamonds inside it??? let me see yours…hmm. no diamond. why?? of course i didnt say it. come on, im just mean inside and curse them when this narrow minded ppl they just talk and talk and talk wit their own thinking. never accept any opinion. fuhhhh…. guess this headache and non-sense situation only applicable to these “zhong-dong” ppl. stubborn + retarted!!!

and she even asked me to remove it if i dont believe in god… hello, can i wear it as an accessories???

if some one they’re wearing ring on their ring finger. it doesnt means they’re married or engaged. when some one wear a ear ring, it doesnt means they’re gay or lesbian.

why u are so old fashion.

im a free thinker or not, its not you to judge me!!

im wearing it as a deco or not, its non of your business too!!

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