Thursday, February 19, 2009

for u sayang…

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

this is some thing i wanna tell some one special i just met. let me give u a little bit support here.

u asked why things in life so complicated… hmmm. .. ya, i wonder why too.

as i always mentioned, life can be unpredictable.

althought its unpredictable, always out of control to screw some one and benefit some one. i know its unfair… but this is life. that’s why its full of excitement and challenge.

when u think in a positive way, u will find life is interesting; of course u will say its suxx and u got screwed when u are little negative.

as a matter of fact, im not a BIG positive thinker. i do have some emotional crisis once in a while when im emotional weak. but im getting strong now aday. as i told u, time is the best remedy. focus on other activities.

keep this in mind,

one: be HAPPY is the word we’re looking forward in life. any thing, any one hurts u, just forget about them. u can not be there for her/ he to keep hurting your feelings. are u……hmmm… its gonna be harsh if i say it. remember, u always deserve some one better, some one that appreciate you, some one care for u.

two: when she/ he doesnt appreiate u… ask them to go away in a well manner way, of course u can say : fuck off!! who cares. since they dont care, neither than u. dont waste time for them, u have so many things to do in life. so busy to meet good ppl, busy for family, busy to indulge youself. so… u dont have time for non sense ppl. they just dont worth a single second.

three: YESTERDAYs is history; TOMORROW is a surprise. u never know what;s gonna happen, live life to the fullest. dont let yesterdays limit yourself, u may miss the chance to feel happy again.

four: we LEARNT from yesterdays, so we feel stronger today. and dont/ try not make the same mistake again.

u can do it sayang, train yourself to have a higher emotional level. u will see things in a different way, dont stuck and be suck to the situation…its not worth killing your brain cells for them.

when u feel weak, u will be emotional, just remember to think abt ppl that will be there for u, to support, care for u. i will be there for u if u need me, im serious. cheer up, so many good stuffs waiting for us. who cares those that dont appreciate us, is their lost, never take them back, because they wil betray/ unloyal/ hurt us again. i cant take another emotional break down any more.

well….things wont get better in just one day, but u gonna try sayang. time will tell who is worth and who’s not.

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