Friday, February 20, 2009

flying slave

Friday, December 19th, 2008

i want to punch and kick alot ppl now!!

i’ve been visiting the office for 4 days in the early morning to get the farking salary certificate. i seriously doubt how this company works overall. and i dont why the government for them for as well. pay them for nothing???? damn rich weyy.

this locals in the office are damn mobile! they’re not at their desk most of the time. and i canht even locate them, i dont know where the hell are them! emm.. no kidding, they’re too busy to kiss each other cheek, adressing each other habibi or habety, drinking tea or coffee, and talking on the phone all the time instead doing their proper task!!

emm.. no doubt, the only thing i learnt from then is dont take things so serious, relax. damn!! this is not even a good habit when i need something urgently. wanted to yell at them till they’re deaf!! until my pita suara burst… hahha. fuhhh. chill chill.

emm… wat so ever, i can only swear to make myself feel a little better. and still smile at them when they show up. any way these ppl they dont think they have a job to do, they never thought that others may need them at their desk for documents, even though they know that’s their job, still they think they do it for u as a favour… can u imagine their working spirit?? i really want to praise them….no joke, its so fasinating, it drives my blood pressure up and down very fast in a short period of time.

one more shocking news i found out from my malaysian colleague. listen closely ya, my gross salary is way lower than a taxi driver in kwi. yet lower than the promoter working at the electronic shop…. so, im a flying slave or what??

ppl thinks my job damn glamour, fly around the world…actually its not. not even close. its a totally wrong wrong, no such thing.

the driver who’s pick us up dont even carry nor help for the baggage. he will just stand and ask us to hurry up. WTF!! im tired and he’s still rushing us. there’s once im so pissed and i talked to him in a serious way. i said since u are not gentlemen by helping us, and shut up and dont rush me. just dont make me get angry!! and he shut up and wait. look, even the driver dont respect the crew, i wonder what wronf with this country. when we check in the airport, the crew will go first instead waiting in the line. imagine, there’s one local shit he complaint why the security let the crew go instead. and the doggie security asked me to wait and let the local shit to go in first. hello, u bastard, if i cant go into the aircraft to prepare, neither than u alright, u retarted!!!!

emmm…. guess im just a little bit high standard than the cleaner at the rest house..

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