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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

hi i am win. im chinese, i read chinese, i write chinese and i speaks chinese.

im proud to tell u im still a chinese that haven forget my root.. heheh

im a chinese educated gal since im 7. 6 years in primary school, or may be u can call it junior high if im not wrong…

by learning chinese is not what i want, is was my parent wish. and i still dont agreed with them till i get into malay secondary/ high school then fully english education in pre-u. i realised my english was suxxx and im kindda regret why i didnt brush up ealier.

by the way, chinese is not easy to learn. and i have only basic understanding and knowledge as compare to the pro. overall my 3 main languagues learnt in school all suxxx, cos im consider a lousy student in class.

any how, when i started to work and travel, i realised chinese is really cool. it really helps me alot cos i can speak chinese. so i have to thank my parents they send my to chinese school for 6 years. and they let me choose my own path after the 6 years in junior high. believed it or not, my parenst they neve interfere where i wan to futher my studies after i get into high school. im the only one to decide which school, which college and whcih university i wan to go. basically they dont even know how to decide for me as well. they gave me certain amount of money to survive and i have to get the rest for myself if i need extra. i did blame them for a bit.. but i dont when i grew older.

every thing is a basic training for me to enter the materialistic and realistic world. just im lucky enough i had the chance to know it earlier. so its good for me. mom always told me she hate herself alot due to the family situation caused me to became a very touch gal.. with harsh personality.

ehh. sorry, got distracted liao.

chinese ppl are smart, of course there’re more smarter ppl around the world not chinese. but i still think they’re smart overall.. hahah. and too smart and start thinking a wrong way by increasing the melamine content in order to increase the protein percentage… hmmmm. that’s the thing i dont like about chinese. they can do any thing to profit/ benefit themselves.

years back, one of my fren he serious hate chinese. any thing in chinese. he told me he got headache when he listen to chinese speaking ppl. we argued about it for a month because he’s a non-chinese speaking smart chinese ass. he doesnt know any thing about chinese. he non stop criticised about chinese, every thing about chinese, he totally forgot he’s ancestor was from china i guess. it make me so angry whenever he wants me to agree with him chinese is non sense!!!

i have my own stand too, i never give in when he says chinese is non sense. what the heck!!! any way i dont want to mention much about it, because i still appreciate him as a friend.

chinese has interesting cultures, and its special. its so much fun and colourful if u know and discover about chinese, especially food!! i feel great about it too because i didt miss out the important stuffs which written in chinese. even some of the book has been translated into english, the “gist” is so different from the original.

i will never forget my root and im glad im a chinese kid. alot ppl thinks they know alot about chinese… bla bla bla…come on guys, dont act smart on me, im chinese, and i dare not say that. NEVER!!

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