Thursday, February 19, 2009

busy or not interested??

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

im busy… this is a damn good excuses and most popular sentence to use in any situation.

when i asked fren for a drink, they will say they’re busy with work. hmm. i was working as a med rep too, and how come i have time to go yam cha so often?

when i asked fren for a lunch or dinner, they will say no time, can not fix a time yet…. hmm.. me too, u think im damn nothing to do is it? i just wan to keep in touch with my fren any way.

when i asked fren to chill out, party as in gathering at a club or a pub, they will say no money, busy, have to go out with bf/gf… what the heck… i didnt sk u to go party with me every week, just once in a while.. and u dont even have time for me???

tell me guys, no time, no money is not an excuses for me any more. …okay… if u say no time, then instead of hanging out for half a day, u can go early instead; whom says no money.. dont tell me u u need to get money for your next meal. i believed in my group of frens u guys are way richer than i do. may be some of u think drinking and partying is a waste of money and u want o go buffet or may be karaokae.. okay, just tell me. i can always comply with u..

here to thank my monash kaki who still always hang out when ever i need u guys in certain occasion. appreciate that. especially to eling my dearest buddy, and always take me as your friend seriously.

any how, just wanna to say. actually its all about u guys though.

if u are interested to hang out with me, like to talk and share things with me. no matter how busy u are, we still have chance to meet each other any way.

just try harder to show me u are interested to keep in touch.

or.. tell me u are busy and i will get the “signal”.

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