Friday, February 20, 2009

be a little lovely to me pls….

Friday, December 19th, 2008

actually i thought of writing a blog about what’s in my mind previous days while i cant access the net.

well, i did write it down in a peice of paper. when i read it once again today, i think its all bull shit. there’s nothing much to write about what i felt. hmmm….. cos its all emotional stuffs.

okay, i dont expect any thing in return, but at least some attention pls.!!

that pretty important to show your appreciation though. emm…. dont tell me u guys are shy and not comfortable to show it to me… hell pls.!!! i can handle it..

since im going back MYS during the christmas 2008. yohoo…!!! i started to msg some “hang out kaki” to chill, via sms, emails, leaving msg in facebook and friendster.. i tried my best ady guy, i even posted shout out too!!

well, im a bored the other day. i sms a uni hang out, he’s my dear friend and i always knew he’s having some sort of relationship crisis. in order to be supportive, i sent him a supportive sms. here it goes ‘ wey, im comin back, let’s hang out and chillin. how are u lately, i hope you’re doing well. we always be there for u, your life is colourful with us!!’ emm… may be asian kid not good to express themselves. instead of getting a cool reply, i got this simple and dry sms. ‘okay. u take care’….. hahah. okay, im glad you replied my sms, serious!

then, i sms another gal friend of mine. i told her im looking forward to meet her. i miss her alot though. i know she’s not perfect, neither do i… still, she’s my dear dear friend since high school. hehhe. i said im so happy and i wanted to kiss her to express how happy im right now. well, she asked what the hell im so happy. am i in love or on drugs… WTF!! hahahha.. no way mate! i told her why cant she be a little lovely instead, damn it!!

i just miss every thing back home, even i know the situation in MYS is not as good as before. i started to appreciate mys after i stay out of the country, especially i stay in middle east.

trust me guys, I STILL LOVE MYS, eventhough its suck!!

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