Thursday, February 19, 2009

are u a emotional species??

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

talk about emotional quotes…EQ for short.

my EQ… im not sure about it. i did a test before, i think… i got average score. cos im just a normal human being on earth.

emm… okay, im kindda emotional. especially when im down cast. i got down cast because of some reasons…which is…. a secret. hahah

well, when im emotional im little bit crazy. or very crazy for certain people.

usually i will start eating junk, indulge myself with nice food, drink some wine.. or alot of wine, or else i will go shopping.

now i realised actually drinking wine is a best remedy, its cheaper than shopping. believed me. i bought 2 boxes of wine its just 400 dollars [average wine will do], it stays in the room for 3-4 months. i went shopping, the clothes stays 1-2 years and the debt stays in my account for a year… hahah.

some times i wish im in malaysia during my depression moment. hmm… u can say i dont have much friends. u are right, i do agree with that.

if im back in malaysia, at least i have my fren back in uni, im sure they will be there for me. as for family… i do love them, but i seldom show my weakness infront of them. just dont want them to get worry about me.

have to thank them, seriously.

i miss the time we spend together having fun. although left 3 of us in malaysia and i still miss u guys. emmm.. can u guys stay in malaysia with me??

hmmm… may be anyone of u wan to grow old with me??
just raise your hand… pls…hahah.

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