Thursday, February 19, 2009

am i the lucky one??

Friday, November 28th, 2008

its thanks giving day…. too bad im not in NYC.

seriously i wish im there at the moment for this season. and how i wish i can stay longer and not comin back to kuwait.

the only thing i feel good about kuwait is i can stay in side my own room, a proper place to stay instead of hotel room. … my comfort zone in kuwait is in the room, go online and me and myself with you tube and my best friend DELL. hahhahahah.

although been thru alot of shit, but still im glad some how.

okay, im gonna cut the crap, cos this is totally not what i want to say….


i get to know some nice ppl after i joined the airline industry. learnt some thing new besides my previous routine work, whole new interesting experience.

get to know alot ppl, but i dont keep them as my close friend. may be we dont have the thing call chemistry in between.

some ppl, i can be very close to them in my 2nd gathering.. but i dont really get close to anyone from the first sight..except gals. cos im kindda protective towards a guy….hahah.

some ppl, i dont even close to them even i know them for years.

i like only nice and good ppl in my circle, cos i dont like to waste time in probing and playing mind games. i wan to chill and relax and stress free. talk any thing when ever it comes out from my mind.. that’s pretty cool things to do when i got to hang out.

i swear i try not to hurt your feelings, if i do, just tell me straight to my face. i will respect u if u do the same and try my best to be who i am in real. no matter what happen, no hard feelings, i promised. i will still appreciate u guys as my friend because i want to keep u in my life.

so, am i the lucky one ??

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