Friday, February 20, 2009


Saturday, December 20th, 2008

i went to a local flight, no surprise though, as usual.. demanding pax, same pax profile, dirty cabin, non stop call chiming from the cabin.

well, im still cool for all these shit, i answered my calls, give what ever they want from the aircraft… haha, i think if i can give the full trolley, guess they will take it as well. any how, cant be bother much, as long as i fly with asian, means i dont feel tired for the entire flight.

now a day, im seriously making fun of the pax. i cant stop laughing due to their stupidity. okay, im mean but who cares!! i just want to have a happy flight.

few examples as follow,

example one: i was serving meal in the cabin. emm. may be i should tell this before i start the swearing. usually there’re 3 choices, and of course they have special name for the dish. but its just a waste of time to tell them in special name. i will say chicken with pasta or lamb with rice. well im good enough to say that, most of the crew just mentioned chicken or lamb.. haha.

okay, let start the story. so as usual ” excuse me sir/madam, would u like to have chicken with pasta or lamb with rice?’ “chicken” okay cool… i took the chicken and served the tray ” enjoy!” “excuse me sir/madam, would u like to have chicken with pasta or lamb with rice?” “meat”……. what? wtf, meat means chicken or lamb?? both are meat, u stupid! i was confused when i started work in the company, i knew it now, meat for them means lamb or beef.

well, i just look at them and smile without bursting out my laugh when they say “meat, meat” hahah.. damn stupid man!!! i wonder what they learn in school.

example two: i was in the cabin. one of the pax stopped me and said : “give me kleenex.” huh?? kleenex…. stupid donkey! hahah. i know what they want, but i just want to make a little fun by teasing them. come on, i need to stay happy for the entire flight okay..

kleenex is the brand name.. for them means tissue; cover means blanket; meat means lamb or beef…..etc. alot more, but i cant recall right now.

FYI: my english is getting worse though, cos i seldom communicate with ppl who speak fluent and proper english in full sentences..

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