Thursday, February 19, 2009

1st time in bangkok

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

over spent is something that i don’t wan to recall and don’t feel like mention it in detail here.
beside all these money stuff, i find bongkok is a nice place to hang out. but im so scared will get diarrhea after i ate the road side food. heh. i just can’t control myself to buy the food from the stores. all the desserts and snacks. and i had a mild uneasy feelings, and that’s it. lucky not to serious type.

imagine i did my groceries in bangkok, including fruits and chilies. heh. my baggages is full of foods and fruits, and something nice for mom. hope she will like it. bought some so call thai silk for her house. if not, its for my future husband’s or my lesbian gay’s house. heh. may be, who knows.

i went out alone to kao shan, and china town. and damn it, it will be damn fun if i go with friends. but others were so…. ok, i can go alone instead. feel a bit wasted because i did’t get to visit the tourist attraction spots. i went shopping and groceries. that’s why i over spent…… damn!!

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