Wednesday, December 30, 2009

thank you gals and guys...

hmm... wanna say thanks again to those always with me. especially those in MY list, online chat buddy as well. xie xie !!

serious i do appreciate what u guys did for me lately, although can't be with me in real, but it's good enough to have u gals and guys chatting with me..

well, as i mentioned to some of u, my recent social life turns out wasn't that cool. but it's all good now. u know me, i rebounced faster than before. basically every time the down cast moody chaotic depression emotions subsides rate getting higher. i was pretty amazed actually. emmm.....may be i'm getting used to this kind of situations?? hahahha, damn rotten luck i guess. but it's ok, i know GOD is testing my patient again and AGAIN. ^_^

and, u guys were right, and still truthful !!
i memang heart sick when i do good to some one. being caring and lovely plus courteous is totally a fool. [umm, or may be not.] my heart serious cracked this time, and mentally stress out for this silly reason. hahaha, i'm pretty sure it will crack again cos i always soft hearted towards certain new situation. hahah, so basically i learnt from mistake and the same mistake won't happen again. hmm, but for new situation.. hmm, i'm not so sure. may be i will kena again.. LOL, damn it!!

grr.... i memang treasure friendship, too bad some are not. i can't do any thing about it right? since i already did my best. may be some of u said i should try harder. frankly speaking, i did! those they always with me, they understanding. that's enough for me. love u gals and guys. or may be guys.. heheh.

thank you all for restoring my positive thinking and perception by giving me tons of compliments and support. which i dont feel that bad and lousy any more right now. and thank you too say my EQ is improving and getting into next level. love that alot.. kekke. love u guys! both of u are great and steady ! *hugss

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas 2009

well... im on duty during the festi season. eg, flight on christmas, kuwait standby on christmas, jakarta standby on new year eve and flight on new year !! hmm, but it's ok. since i dont have some one special to celebrate with, go on duty better. at least i still have the chance to hang out with some gals and university friends, which is good enough. i'm willing to sacrifice my rest to go out have some fun and of course spent quite alot.. heheh, im helping the malaysian's economy !!

i went party a day after chrismas, actually i dont mind much, as long as i have hang out kaki with me. so we went to some nice club with cool music down town.

here's the gals...

and i met my fav colleague/ friend from company. so happy to see her at the club with some others !! she's lovely and such a cool attitude i ever met. hehe, ok, u can say i like her because she's my top party hang out when i have JFK and LHR flights.

i had fun that night gals.. thank you all for this unforgetable night before 2010 !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

chinese festi

it was 'guo dong' the winter festi for the chinese in china. and now us every where in the world.

so, since so nothing to do, i decided to make the glutinous rice ball with the gula malacca for a bit. yum yum
here goes...
by the way mr fong, how's the taste?? u better appreciate that.

a.k.a pre christmas celebration

went to PJ to meet my dearly fellow friends.

other then the massive traffic.. every thing seems good! the christmas deco still up to standards and i always love it! hmmm... so romantic!
christmas deco at the gardens

christmas deco at mid valley

well, went korean dinner and met chin and his wife. unexpected seriously, thought he went back taiwan for his career. but its good to have him for the dinner, thank you guys! the dinner was good.

joined another friend for a drink for second round...ahemm, to be exact, alot of beers. hehehe. every thing is good, had a good night out. thanks again!

and nic, my dear. thanks for the lunch! really thankful and good to see u again.
christmas deco at the curve..
soup of the day.. tomato cream
chicken fillet for nic
and salmon wrapped for me

Saturday, December 19, 2009

im enjoying right here, right now

emm.. rainy days? yeah, i know, this is the season.

dont feel like going out, exactly. and its not that fun to go out any more i guess. but i still love the music and party life.. hehe. too bad... not much chance of doing it though. why so? because every where is the same mann, same culture! dead bored!! i miss the lay over party life.......grrrrr!!

thought of comin back malaysia can regain my social life...hahah, damn it man, seriously not wat i want from wat i have planned! sitting at home to write my blog.. hahha, i duno i should laugh or some thing else. cry?? no, not going to do that. NO NO NO.

some times when i checked my phone list.. who should i call?? married, married, got gf ady, this one busy with bf, this one busy with kids...basically NO ONE. hmm, i think better stay home. and hmmm.....from i see now, certain friends seriously not sincere, they come to you is to sell u some thing, else they wil not give a damn to me after that....and for certain.. hmmmmmm. sigh, i duno, life is cruel and we are in a realistic and material world. so...better dont expect so much!

well, so lemme enjoy my time alone, eat good to love myself once a while, and also be damn cheapskate when i wan to be frugal. LOL. buy some thing a little bit expensive to indulge myself when i wanna love myself more, and be stingy on myself when im a little broke.. hehehe. and go movies or some outing when i feel like it with little cousin may be......... and wat else ah? emmmmm.....just go with my mood of the day!!

call me if u have problem with that, hehhe !! wohooo, i do enjoy my life right now although its a little boring.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

lunch and movie with missy

woke up early for the early birds movie at MBO seremban. well, i thought it's gonna be cheaper, who knows it turned out IT IS NOT!! hahahah... walt disney Princess and the Frog still new new, so wat so ever! i wanna watch it!

my younger cousin miss veronica is with me today since i booked her in advance. i have to, else she gonna be some where i guess. so it's bett her to do it before some one does. hehheh.

we went lunch after the movie, and....... hmm. wat should we eat?? this is a very serious issue, i duno where to eat during this hour, especially afternoon. all the nice food is either morning, else evening. when im about to cracked my head, i thought of temiang! yeah man, the noodles shop i love to go, my all time fav at Seremban. it's so yummy and delicious, although its a little warm... hmm, i dun care. i wan to eat that noodle tikus!

when approaching temiang, my heart is pumping hard... why? because im so affraid that old lovely lady will take a day off again. was praying so hard for it.. please please please!! thank god for it, it's open! wohooo... hurry, park your car and grab the chairs! no kidding, i love their noodle tikus very much! it's just NICE, 10 points from me! and hope it will maintain it's quality for the rest of the years.

and thanks ya cousin, spent time with me for food, movie and grocerries. appreciate that *wink

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


u will not believe what i just did this morning. i woke up damn early to save money, and of course, im malaysian, im entitle to get this benefits from the government so i need to try it out. at least once in my life.

since so nothing to do at home and i already planned to get rid of the upper wisdom tooth. i decided to go to the government dentist clinic. instead of paying 500rm, i think this is much reasonable. hmm, although im there at the clinic for two and half hours.

basically they dont provide u napkin, no mouth rinse, no pain killer, no antibiotic, but the cotton for u to press on the wound. and plus, they dont have time for u, i cant even be mentally prepare for it. down on the chair, check check checking and checked, then asked u wanna do extraction?? yes, doc. then straight away injection to numb the gums..and waited out side for 10 mins.. since i know no more mental preparaing outside, i have to do it at the waiting bench. turn, damn!!

down on the chair again and that's it. less than 20 sec the winsdom tooth was removed. doc u damn good, serious! i said thanks and paid rm2 [rm1 for registration + rm1 workmanship, bit unbelievable isnt it??

here's the proof.....

may be u guys can try it in the future instead spending so much money on private. and do remember, if u are malaysian, u are entitle to get this kind of benefits. dont always complain and just bullshit, go and try it out, if u are not sastified, call the customer service to complain. so u will help them to improve, help others and yourself in the future too. dont just sit, listen to what ppl says and comment/ complains.

in conclusion... i think governement hospital or clinic service is not that bad, just they dont provide u every thing for free.. and that's for sure. i dont expect to have the accesories for free.

as far i know, u can try out the government dentist clinic.. and no comment on those GP at goverment hospital yet.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

another fried day out !!

wat's the best in life except money... i guess its food! never disappointed you, NEVER! especially good food!!

nothing to do this afternoon so......... me and mom decided to fry some shrimp's cake.

just the basic ingredients... spring onion, chilies, onions, flour, eggs and a little bit of salt and shripms to decorate the top part...

so here it goes..

start with the basic ingredients...............and mixed it manually, dead tired!!

then fried it.................damn hot due to the hot weather and i was doing it at the open area at the back!

and dad knows only eat and commented not salty enough, excuse me, i think thank you would be nicer! any way, i volunteer to do every thing all by myself... just to kill time.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

very nice..!

hmm.... serious i duno what to say, but i still feel like writing it down.

my mood just turn from normal to slightly up set.

well, basically im not a sweet hearty gal for others. im just me..!

what really up set me is no one bother to take me serious. and took me for granted again?? yeah, im not some one, im not popular, and most important, im not rich enough to make u be close to me....that's really cool!! i have nothing to say but i will note it down, to remind myself dont have to be so nice and trouble myself to help others again and again like an idiot!!!

no point doing it any more, and u guys ... please, when u see me, dont have to say hi or do any thing nice to fake it alright, cos im farking fed up and felt irritated about it.

so good day and good luck!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

cant stop eating..

fuuyooh! basically i started eating once i woke up at noon.
the traditional favorite nasi lemak with eggs...for breakfast. well its a good start ^_^

3 hours later back from errant....again, sambal ikan bilis with thai fragrant white rice, and of course egg with soy sauce plus shripms with 'tou geh' vegetables. so delicious!!

and another 3 hours, mom prepared asparagus with shrimps... what!! LOL, ok, let's eat!! and its served with the chinese ginger alcohol 'giong zou' with egg broth!

sorry guys, i didnt get to take the pix.. wat a waste!

but............dont u worry, i took the pix of the crispy spring roll po piah snack i prepared! woohoo! NICE.. yum yum
so, just 8 hours i had 3 meals and light snacks....well, this is life back home! home sweet home!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

breakfast + lunch with cousins

went out almost whole day for bak kut teh breakfast and tea lunch with cousins.. nice day out, aku suka!
here's some of the food pix...... seriously no time to take all the pix, cos too busy makan and talking with cousins.. hehe.
bak kut teh @ klang, yum yum!!christmas deco at time square....and tea at krispy kreme
tau fu..... my fav!
oyster mushroom...... seriouslt taste like fish!

soup in the pot......

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

home cook chicken rice

wau... didnt get to sleep good yesterday. but it's all good, thanks to the magic pil and i slept 5 hours straight to noon.

prepared myself.....tick tak tick tak....30 mins later im at the town, checking my loan balance from bank. and updated some sort of routine basis. then bought nice lunch back for parents but myself... nahh, just dont feel like eating lunch since i ate plain bread a while ago.

rushed to the kitchen and started to prepare ingredients to cook chicken rice and first attempt...LOL

here goes the preperation....

the fried onions and garlic were ready...

done steaming....

and tar darr...............dinner is ready!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mrs khoo part 3 - are they strangers? or you mom?

hmm..... every family has their difficulties, this difficulties may include financial crisis, family violence, work pressure as well as disappointment among family/ families member.

months i have been hearing mom told me about her families, some issue about the usual gossip, family's properties, asset this and that. things about what my granny, my uncles, aunties as well as relatives even since she went to relative wedding dinner last weekend with cousins. LOL.... what a speed update sesion for mom.

well, actually all these wedding occasion, family gathering during chinese new year and meet extended families member once in a blue moon or once a year just to update and greet each other. and glad to be there and see everyone still healthy, laughing and so so....

some shocking news i heard lately was about the grandpa will. well, nothing much to comment, since mom and us not his fav. but should we or shouldnt we be nice since we never make it to his fav list. as far i know, we or not those crappy shyte*. at least still up to standard level.... hahhahah!
basically, the whole thing is just unfair towards others in the family. as i mentioned before, althought mom is the first child in the family, but we are not the fav nor popular due to.......poverty. ahhah! and thanks god we were!! so..... so, u will know if u ever been through the stage of hell! seriously duno how to put it in lines when i talk about them. speechless* sigh

atleast we are blessed, mom brother fee and me is good enough, still healthy and kicking! the rest, i really dont expect any thing from them. because they always dont look up on us any way. money money talks all the time, showing off and such, bla bla bla. as long as i see them, i joke, i laugh, i talk nicely and that's it!! no thanks for the rest alright! bye and good day!we are contented with wat we are having and all these issue i will just treat it as a live show going on, sit back nicely and watch, listen and observe. i do what i should and ONLY!

to be franks, thank god those relatives has been treated unfair, they're having the same mind set though. we are not those greedy asshole, nor calculative personalities/ mentality. else... its gonna be so chaotic.

so, i wish all these good cousins live life healthy, happy and i still love u guys in MY list!!

frustration news i had enough

hmm...... i just heard some thing really disturb my feeling for few mins. and that's enough! because i dun wan to spoil my sleeping mood.

one of my colleague just got pulled to a flight. well, pretty much disaster for her though, and sorry to know about it and thank god im not the victim for this whole chaotic senario!

this whole conversation is just disturbing and disappointing plus frustration, all about the work culture and is unfair treatment and... let's make it short. we're the flying slave, no on bother about our safety, our feeling.....ohh, ya! we dont have feeling cos we are 'robot', and robot doesnt need to care for their safety issue as well... well, i guess that's what they see us huh... seriously i cant believed all this silly joke.

stories start with miss frustration got pulled for a 8 hours flight during weekend. basically it's all good, just a job though.

after the long and tired flight, miss F has to report to the briefing, some sort of notify these group of breifing officers, kind of 'hey guys, im here, so where's the allowance and key to the room' when u show your face and give your staff number at the counter.

hmmm......lemme detail the stories one by one.

guess what?! they didnt prepare her room, means she has to sleep no where. but finally she got a room from the rest house from another lady supposed to stay in for her duty. as i mentioned rest house...that's pretty not good sign. as far we know, that's basically nothing in the room besides dusty furniture.. can u imagine that? after a 8 hours flight, to be exact, pre- and post- flight about 12 hours atleast, my colleague she's tired and seriously not in a good mood when she knew they didnt prepare the room in the first place. and then she has a dusty room. she had to wash her make up, clean the room before getting her rest. i can imagine how exhausted and frustrated she was. so... is this right to treat a crew after her flight?? come on, we are no longer base in kuwait, that's not an excuse and brushed us off when we start to give suggestions.

now comes to allwance.....the guy at the briefing told miss F this : it's weekend, no one is working in the office. seriously, i wanna clap my hands if im there right in front of them. and blow my mouth for it. what a classic respond!! really miss all these crap!!

the day after that miss F went to the office. she met the big boss in charging the base. gave her opinion about the safety issue when the gals are having standby at mid night. do u know that the gals has to drive all the way from their home to the airport at 11pm and 4am back home by themselves?? they cant go with the disembark crew from the airport, which other base they can plus they follow the transport provided by the company back to hotel. and by the way, the company ONLY pay for the insurance if any thing happen while travelling with the transport company provided. which means the base crew in malaysia we are not insured even though we are on the way to duty huh?? by the way, the company doesnt want to provide transport to the base crew because they said we have the transport allwance. ok, fine i understand the transport allowance, but i need the insurance. the safety issue!! plus...alone for gals during late night. ahemm.. seriously, its pretty crazy!! what if some one got unlucky?! they may be killed or raped!! i wonder, is it when things happened only they wanna take action?? so GOD, please be with the gals, so each and everyone will be safe till problem solved!

still, some one blamed the gals by staying too far, its our problem.. hahhaah, very funny...but, excuse me! this is not kuwait, its malaysia. the area is huge! even the airport it self is freaking big, at least 10 times bigger than the kuwait international airport! and dont keep on saying we have better benefits than other base crew. this is due to the government issue, our malaysia government protect us under the labour law. and i have no comment on other countries, i can only say im farking sorry they're not malaysian!! plus, the living cost in malaysia is higher than others, so dont freaking compare alright? and stop saying we paid better!!

and this 'better' and 'lucky' from your side is freaking annoying!! tell me what is better? and tell me what is lucky??!! when comes to allowance, is that better? NO! when comes to annual leaves, is that better? NO! when comes to work load, work nature, is that better? farking NO!!

so, if u wanna compare, please compare every thing, all possibilities, all sectors and all out come. not just pin pointing and said we are lucky! next time, talk when u think twice, filter it with your brain cells and talk logic, not non sense!

Monday, November 23, 2009

random dinner with cousins

went to a chinese dinner with elder cousins at seremban home town....
well, this is the place i always love to have dinner besides malacca.

by the way, chinese is my fav! emm...... to be exact, nice chinese food is my fav! else, its so not gonna make my day, seriously! i will black list the restaurant damn fast.. hahha.

any how, the places that cousins brought me to always good place to eat out. YUM YUM!! im stuffed and every thing is nice and reasonable i bet. and thanks again cousins.

* crispy pork...!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

life isn't that interesting..

all these while i kept conviced myself that my life is freaking colourful.... insteresting plus it's gonna be full of joy and happiness. but it turns out dull and flat, in short, im bored!!

hmm.....well, it's pretty nice to stay home. and hang out with friends during the week end and work on duty when i'm on duty. that's life right?? ya i think so, but i started to feel duno how again. any way im not looking for dramatic and chaotic life style. so far i feel.... i'm not so important. hahah, my phone is not ringing, no sms, basically it's just a hand carry watch or may be alarm. LOL...that's why some times i don't bring along my cell when i go out for movie, dinner... etc

basically i ady called all the friends i wanna hang out, and we did. just once.. that's it. and no one bother to buzz me, and everyone started to get busy for living. sighh....

seriously, some times i chose to stay home because i'm kindda moody. i don't wan to keep calling friends and ask them, or may be beg them to go out for a drink. so... i'm all alone again even though i'm back to malaysia. pretty pathetic!!!

frankly, i don't know what i want and what i should do at the moment.

apu's Bday!

went to hida's BD the other day at the new club, rootz. some sort of high class club?? i wonder. i was expecting some thing different since i heard alot from my fren about this new party place. but any way, im with the gals and i had fun, but the club.... hmm. i guess its all about alcohol and the person i hang out with, and of course the club not that cheapskate after all. but the service..... it takes u forever to get your drinks at the bar !!

as usual, dress up and hit the club with the gals once in a while after so long. dancing is a good exercise, i can stil feel the sore from muscles.... and thank god im not on duty these few days. and let's go out again gals..!
outfit of the day.......
the gals.................
can u see KL tower from here??!
the atmos inside the club... so crowded and conjested!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

bastard onboard for CGK

u know how i see those ZD all these while.... one word, bullshit!

operated another CGK recently, and every thing was fine except the turbulence that freak me out and the ZD cabin in-charge.

well, its common when the crew chat with each other. and u know what this so-hai ZD said to us in the transport. he said we Malaysian gal drawing the line between the kwi base crew and mys base crew.... ahemm, excuse me! who the hell u think u are! and how dare u interfere our conversation which is not related to work. ok, fine. the gals kept quiet and he acted smart on us and started to "lecture" us. said u gals just talk to each other in your language and didnt communicate with the kwi base crews...bla bla bla.....

actually i wanna said this to him: excuse me, as long as we answered the safety questions, do our job on board and follow the rules and that's it. u dont expect me or us to come and kiss your ass and talk to u alright, because u are not those kwi base which is my friend. im just a flight attendant that do my job, my job is not including entertain and talk to someone that i dont. just hi and bye, thank for the flight, team work during the flight that's it! there's no rules in the circular mentioned that i have to talk to other crew. i need to have peace of mind when i have the time to rest alright, so give me a break!!

these ZD they always selfish and just think about themselves... oh, did u ZD ever talk in english while chatting in the transport or even during flight?? NO! im the only SEA onboard some times and u guys dont even bother, so should i bother when u are the only one ?? and u get offended when u dont understand us?? by the way, i feel like an idiot when talk to ZD, u dont even have common sense nor general knowledge.. so why talk?? make me headache only when the ZD insisting their point of view and never accept others opinion or may be new idea... so better dont talk please! i feel sick after talking to u ZD.

hmm.... if u dont like the flight, so dont fly here and report sick in kwi alright!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

me, me and myself

some one told me once i have to take things easy.
some one told me once i have to take life easy.
some one told me once i don't have to be so tough on myself.

am i?? hmm...... im in disarray.

i believed im kindda out going, talkative, care about MY list of friends and family......umm... but, may be a little bit too lazy when comes to certain tasks/ issues. and too may be too mean and harsh towards certain people when i encounter some thing i feel uncomfortable with. so is that wrong?? im just me, i dun want to fake!

emm.... by the way, guys always after fake and plastic isn't it?? this is what i experienced. or they just vanished without keeping in touch, serious i wonder why, guess im too scary and look pretty ugly, plus they may be felt a shame when im around. hmmm.....what else? u tell me.

today is bored! although i went movie in the afternoon and still, i felt bored after i cook tom yam for dinner right after i went pasar malam [night market] with mom. i started to call some home town fren to hang out.... and non of them are available, due to work, some already slept....... sigh.. this job make me so odd.

since i cant go out, so........i started to sms. and guess what?? hahah, no response. NICE, serious!!

means from now on i dont have to give a fuck to any one any more huh?? means i dont have to be nice and offer my help or donate goods or money to ppl in need. some times i take things for granted doesnt means i dont return fav, just the fav is not immediate. emmm.....may be u guys duno me much... ya, who does any way.

well...thank you all for all these so i know myself better. and stop challenge my EQ alright?? bit emotional stress out currently!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

days in SEREMBAN

Seremban is a small town, not even a city! just a town. i was born here, raised here and stayed here till my age of 18. then i leave home to college, university and work. 10 years later im back to this small town again. why so?? haha, because i think its better to stay with family. and due to my easy and low work load job, i can stay in seremban instead.

any way, seremban is developing, and still going. where i stay is a new area, and every thing is near, basically i hang out near the neighbourhood only!

well, i just wan to have a simple and no staying with strangers, no traffic, no jam, no stress!
hmm.. well, its kindda bored some times. but what to do, i chose to stay with parents. spend some time with mom and of course mom will take care of every thing. i have home cook dishes. NICE!

i do nothing at home actually, just online, watch TV, get some groceries from the mall, market, watch movie, some karaoke entertainment and go for good food with mom once a while wander around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

kindda lazy to go out far though, just wan to hang out near by. some times im sorry when i gave lame excuses eg. the weather is hot, actually im serious, its pretty hot and im sweating! i hate that. and its raining.... hmm, its true! always rain now days. haha; else its too late for me to drive home, unless u give me a ride! LOL, i go where ever u want when u give me a ride.


30th to CGK, my first flight of the month OCT as well as the first flight as a operating crew from KUL to CGK. one whole month no work... isn't it cool. LOL. any way, this is my first time to CGK.. and it's far more lousy than i expected. seriously, i dislike every thing but i like the short flying hours and no layovers. in conclusion, I LOVE MY JOB. hehhe, who doesnt. low work load with the same money compare to those having tons of paper work working in the office.

basically, every thing is alright, pax is quiet, not demanding excepts some.. u know some ZD crap. those Caucasian still alright cos they're with indonesian wife. ahem..@ any way i just wanna have a safe and easy flight. this is what i wanna come back to malaysia although the wages is far more difference compare to kuwait. im fine with that cos i wan to regain my colourful life instead the dull and dead bored non social life style back in sand pit. crazy stupid, i wonder why i can cope with that. hmm.... guess money serious make me adapted to every thing.. hahha.

here some pix from the hotel for crew...

the way back from CGK.. wohoo, the weather was bad bad bad. thunder storm is the most scary part for me before landing. after gave my clearance and walked back to aft to take the crew seat. happily seating and waiting for landing.. suddenly a huge loud sound from the right side of the wing. damn! i so farking scared because the lighting hit the plane i believed so. told my colleague, dan i dont wish any thing bad happen, i still wanna go back to eat KFC from the KLIA airport! LOL

i started to have silence review, just in case any thing gonna happen. and started to tell GOD, please i wan to go back and have dinner every night with parents and party during week end when there's a night out else just wanna stay home and watch TV. im still young here..hahah, seriously i started to tell GOD im enjoying the simple life although its kindda bored back in home town, Seremban.

my blood pressure went slightly higher than usual and im still worried. 5 mins passed, thank God, nothing happen and no PA from Captain. good sign! and finally the chime of seat belt sign and no smoking sign, indicated the landing gear is ON. fuhh.... i cant wait to have a safe landing dude. and finally landed safely, and im clapping my hands! wohoooooo! we made it!

a day after, our interior CNN newsletter told us the aircraft still on ground, due to some technical problem. and it's from the lighting yesterday.. wau! what a crazy delay! almost 24 hours and 3 of my colleagues got pulled to operate the flight KUL-KWI. and once again, thank GOD, they didn't pull me on my day off. NO, thanks!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

dim sum + IKEA

went PJ with mom and aunt for a day cos wanna go for dim sum and IKEA for some stuffs.

u know, cant afford to have the custome made furniture so i have to go for those low price ikea furniture... wahhaha. but its good enough to fit into the room, at least look a little bit cosy and neat though.

the dim sum was okay, at least not bad. any way i ate good and full. so gonna have more and more dim sum soon... my fav breakfast other than the nasi lemak wrapped with banana's leaf.

here's the pix.. enjoy it!
this the classic "siew mai"
this is nice.....

IKEA.... hm. a place to spend on house again. seriously dislike to go here actually, every time seems like so many things suit the house cos its handy and save place. hahah.

any way thanks to cousin brother and fren that gave me a ride on the way going and back home. thanks alot!