Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008_Queen of Sword

I know it's boring.. but I'm still writing my blog. It has been a while though.
Just to update those who will read this. Keke.

As I mention earlier, my life suck. Heheh.
I'm trying my best to make it better and interesting.
Well, nothing much about me at the moment. Still crap a lot with my recent hang outs. Bet u guys miss my crap huh?? Crazy me… Heh.

I'm here trying my best to eat, sleep, lepaking when I have time to do it. Some times I did it no matter how exhausted I was. I don't wan to miss any chance that I have, since I live once in my life time. Enjoy to it to the fullest, don't bother much because I know my limitations. Keke. Oppsss, God knows.

Ummm.. few months back I was downcast, and it happens still once in a while. Just don't know why?? But when u felt bad and depress, something will just make your day. It becomes better, such as a lovely phone call, emails, sms or may be a short message. Sometimes may get worse, lagi teruk when some idiots send you some terrible news instead.

Although life's suck, but it's fine with me when I try to think in a positive way for certain aspects. Some times have to accept the reality in the material world.
Ummm. Fu*k it ah, can I NOT accept it.

It's kinda tough somehow, especially in this country.
Any thing can happen, any time, any where.
Some unexpected circumstances and uninvited strangers may interfere.
You may get good stuff if you're LUCKY. Inshallah in general. I tak suka this word.

Just need to be strong, VERY strong, win.
Strong MIND, strong IMMUNITY, strong PERSONALITY, that's something I wanted most for now.

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