Sunday, June 25, 2006


another movie week for me, sigh...nothing to do will be that "sien" in life.

after work, what can u do right? so on last wednesday and thursday, straight go movie after work...

cartoon will be nice, but i love the real car in tokyo drift wo... so i watch car cartoon with friend..

and i watch this another day, because really too bored to stay at home...

both was great...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

perhaps love

has been so long... this song has been released for dunno how long, now only i grap the chance to finished the whole version. i'm fell so sorry to ..jacky cheung.

basically, he has alot alot alot.. alot good/best songs ever have. is very meaningful, when i have nothing to do, i'll be repeating the song on and on...non stop for the same song. so he must be very tired, keep on singing the same song.heh. lucky enough. modern technology created CD player, and i can keep repeating the same song over and over again... yeah!!

i'm doing it now to faith hill for her -amazing grace. nice!! very peaceful when u listen to this song. music can make you relax, so this is a very good relax theraphy to me, especially when u feel bored, or down..

but some ppl may into other stuff besides music, may be sports, or shopping or on food.. ar.. to de-stress, for me is messanger, food, and tv show, music, hang ot with friends. good try, yeah!!