Monday, October 02, 2006

whole new quarter

the 1st day of my quarter, sigh... not good. i need to do alot preparation for this quarter, for the sales planning, for the presentation of my past quarter as well as this quarter. alot things to do, what my product manager assign me to do.. haven start yet. charm, guess i'll kena hang later when he see me.

for the 1st day of work, i ady start curing tulang ady. memang not in good mood... may be i a bit too much also. anyway. im going to sleep early every day, and be fresh and energetic every day... haha... can u believe this. im trying to convince myself la, u guys dun distract me.

heh, today i bribe my customers a bit, i always buy them fruits and tarts or else food. haha. must thank them for their hard work too ma, help me to sell my product.haha. good good, keep it up. can i??

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