Wednesday, September 27, 2006

3rd quarter

hi.. has been a while.

if someone doing sales, they may know what is quarter, and what is so important so divide into 4 quarters. why ar..?? sales target and commission la, what else!!!

boy, no doubt i got my sales, and the matter is i duno whether im getting my share for this quarter. hmm. i wish. then i'll be smilling all the way to bank ady. yeah!

and u think sales really that good, relax and can "makan angin"?? dream on, my friend. u know roller coaster anot? u know how the customers and their account make u heart attack anot. and when they return your stock, mati la u. certified!! so, have to make sure u really jaga their account and how good your relatinship with them, and make sure your product is moving fast!! hmmm. all this quite technical, may be u buy me a drink then i explain it later. face to face. heh.

its about closing for this month, so relax abit, stay home, sleep, recharge abit......hmm. sounds like "curing tulang" right? yeah, you are right!! ppl need a break to go for futher distance. cheh... u cant complain much, we work hard in the beginning, so we can rest while closing. heh. smart??

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