Saturday, August 12, 2006

studio day

this afternoon i went for this photo shooting session, just for the sake of teman my brother graduation. at first in year 2005 sept, i thought i can escape it. mana tahu!!!! my brother having his convo on 13 august 2006, and i force to borrow the rope. and we have to have this together, man!!! is tiring and i'm so not good in posting and smiling..even this take abt 45min, but seem like very long.....

this is the pic when we get ready for it...

we designed it a bit.
can see the quality difference anot?we are the grad from mahjiong club..finally have our certificate for it.. title: mahjiong fello!
MMU mahjiong club VS Monash mahjiong club, friendly match for the last time on our robe.
concentrate on my sms..

try to be like a grad again...feel it!!

me and my brother.. mr.fee.

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