Tuesday, August 22, 2006


have u ever thought abt your future....

what will u be in the future, who's your friend, everyone getting married, but not u...harr.. that scares me most. this is much terrified after my brother draw me a future chart in my relationship.. this fella, always like to tell me this.. wei.. no wei, i'm staying with u if i still cant get Mr. Right in my early 30's.. u better pray hard for that!!!! Mr. fee.

sigh... my heart so tired, mentally and physically too.
not only mr. fee telling me this, my fren from UK remind.. nope.. keep reminding me on this issue.. wei.. am i that old, am i in the stage of that desperate..haaa.. am i?? not quite.. i guess.. even myself also not sure abt that sometimes... no, winnee.. focus. be who you are.. u still have mr. fee.. ahaha. too bad for u boy.

i have a very wierd concept.. i dun date colleagues, i dun date classmates, and i dun date stangers... unless it has been years for me not seing them or lost touch ady..haha..

that's why my a dear, chou chou, he said im having major problem..major problem of getting friends in my circle..hmmm. radius of my friend circle quite wide.. but..nvm. i duno how to explain in here. for ppl that know me very well, they always know...thank you all.

me, winnee, not a kid, dun worry...

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  1. cheer up girl, don't you think staying single is cool ? At least for me - single life is better than attached!

    So much things you can't do if you're attached.....think hard, they are!

    So what we're heading Age of 30? It's golden time for the career, when soon you're financially stable, no afraid of getting *men in better social cirlce.... *grins~*