Tuesday, August 22, 2006


have u ever thought abt your future....

what will u be in the future, who's your friend, everyone getting married, but not u...harr.. that scares me most. this is much terrified after my brother draw me a future chart in my relationship.. this fella, always like to tell me this.. wei.. no wei, i'm staying with u if i still cant get Mr. Right in my early 30's.. u better pray hard for that!!!! Mr. fee.

sigh... my heart so tired, mentally and physically too.
not only mr. fee telling me this, my fren from UK remind.. nope.. keep reminding me on this issue.. wei.. am i that old, am i in the stage of that desperate..haaa.. am i?? not quite.. i guess.. even myself also not sure abt that sometimes... no, winnee.. focus. be who you are.. u still have mr. fee.. ahaha. too bad for u boy.

i have a very wierd concept.. i dun date colleagues, i dun date classmates, and i dun date stangers... unless it has been years for me not seing them or lost touch ady..haha..

that's why my a dear, chou chou, he said im having major problem..major problem of getting friends in my circle..hmmm. radius of my friend circle quite wide.. but..nvm. i duno how to explain in here. for ppl that know me very well, they always know...thank you all.

me, winnee, not a kid, dun worry...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

studio day

this afternoon i went for this photo shooting session, just for the sake of teman my brother graduation. at first in year 2005 sept, i thought i can escape it. mana tahu!!!! my brother having his convo on 13 august 2006, and i force to borrow the rope. and we have to have this together, man!!! is tiring and i'm so not good in posting and smiling..even this take abt 45min, but seem like very long.....

this is the pic when we get ready for it...

we designed it a bit.
can see the quality difference anot?we are the grad from mahjiong club..finally have our certificate for it.. title: mahjiong fello!
MMU mahjiong club VS Monash mahjiong club, friendly match for the last time on our robe.
concentrate on my sms..

try to be like a grad again...feel it!!

me and my brother.. mr.fee.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

SMC 1 -4august

must up date some of my fello friends about this.. my experience in hospitals.

actually it starts with gastric pain.. persist for duno how long ago.. and one day.. major pain, heart beat become very fast and start to sweat.. and i still on the mahjiong table with my brother with his gal. and that's it.. i need a doctor than the beautiful cards on my hand...so i when to a private hospital in seremban.

register myself.. waiting... ok, doctor was nice, nurses was nice... when the bills comes..not really good. but this is not important..

during the check up..

dr: any family history with gastric pain?
me: yes
dr: allergic to any medicine?
me: no
dr: any diabetics? heart problem? or kidney dysfunction?
me: no
dr: do u smoke?
me: yes, but not often, once in a while, hmm. may be one or twice in a week.

dr: alright.......u work as a...?
me: sales, dr.
dr: do u take ur meal on time?
me: depends, hardly make it on time, why?
dr: ur work very stress?
me: hmmm.....not really.
dr: let me check your stomach.
me: ar.. alright.

after that, we proceed to dr's room [just now was in the emergency room]
dr: so, i give u some medication and u take it for 3 days.
dr: and if u want, may be u can come back to check with dr. w, he is our internal medicine doctor. may be i can make an appoinment for u on monday.
me: why doctor? do i have any major problem?
dr: not yet... since u have this gastric problem for years, and your gastric so persistant, is better u go a test call OGDS, kind of scope to check whether u have ulceration or any outgrowth or gastritis..alright? better check before things get worse.
me: if that case...i won be comin back to seremban to get the test done, can i do it somewhere else in KL or PJ?
dr: yes, sure. i'll write u a reference letter then.
me: thank you doctor.

so, dr start to write the reference letter. in the mean time..

dr: so u better take this medication and try to get the test done within this week or two.
me: alright, doctor. arr...doctor how about alcohol?can i drink beer, whisky or brandy?
dr: [look at me]...yes. but better cut down alot, this will burn ur stomach. and dun eat spicy food.
me: thanks doctor.

then i get out from doctor's room... so this is the 1st time went to ER.

on monday afternoon, i went to SMC, someone addressed me to dr.J. she's a very nice doctor.
i have my check-up, and i'll be admited in the late afternoon. i'm alright with that.. only a normal check up on OGDS, no big deal..i guess.

i tend to be quite relax in the night, just a bit bored. reading my book and magazine..just to occupied. o ya..send sms.

the next morning..god!! i start to be quite tension..how come? when they start to push my bed from 2nd floor to lower ground floor into the endoscopy room, and dr.J start to make a line [a temporary needle-like hole on my hand..easier for injections] i nearly scream, but i never. hey... here come the story.

they took my right hand, ask me to hold hard on it. and they trying to get my vien. and nope, they still cant get it with the 2nd try. my hand bony, and my viens is embended.

and i start to have this funny voice .........

me: dr.J, can get or not? i'm very painful ady.
dr: ur hand very small, not easy to get. i need to try ur left hand.
me: herrr...but...
dr: come give me ur left hand..
me: [no choice already, i gave my left hand to dr]
dr: ok, this is much better, can see the vien [she's telling another nurse]
me: [in my heart....so u better check before u give me the 1st hole doc]
dr: so i'm giving u this analstetic, this may make u sleep, alright? [start injection]
me: [soft] herr... pain...
dr: gal gal...dun like that. u are a clever gal, alright.
me: [falling to sleep].........

when i wake up, they push me to the ultrasound room, get my liver checked, gal bladder checked, ovaries checked as well as kidney. every thing is fine!!!! great!!!

then i get discharged in the late afternoon. i thought i'm ok.

the next morning, i'm on my way to KLCC, going for the 5th APLAR, more on arthritis issues. mana tahu, i fainted in the LRT. and u know what. no one help me beside a middle age lady offer me a seat...so this is Malaysian.. and why they always so proud to be Malaysian??? what malaysia boleh??? boleh in what??? boleh in not to help, boleh in rude and proud??? so this group of LRT fella totally no courtesy..except this middle age lady, i thank her in the LRT till i step out from the LRT. and i told this to my good friend... u know what the idiot said, he said i should wear low cut and sexy abit, for sure alot ppl will offer their seat. damn!!

i still went to APLAR, but i took off at 11am, feel like "collaps-ing". i try to be strong enuf to get on the LRT, and get my car, and drive myself back to my house. i slept for the whole afternoon, unconsious, i dun even know i'm having high fever. and lucky someone called, and i manage to get someone send me to the hospital before i died on my bed.

ER again, but this is in SMC. the jaga stil direct me to register counter, but i told him i cant even stand straight and i need a bed immediately. damn stupid right? then only someone carry me to the bed. the medical officer come and get my pulse and blood pressure checked. in conclusion, i may have bacteria infection and i'm having high fever, i need to have some blood test and she's going to give me glocose drip, i knew that. before she draw me a line, i told her to get the vien on my left hand, is much easier. this is much painful than the previous inserts. i almost cry!!! i said why dun give me a smaller insert, they said this is the smallest, there will be a bigger one, but since my hand is small, the big insert will break my viens [more painful!!!]

i'm back to SMC and this time on the 5th floor. i cant sleep for the whole night, my hand is pain, and the nurse keep comin in and out every 2 hours to have my body temperature and blood pressure checked. and lucky, body temp went down the next morning. thank god. the scary part was the glucose drip...1 bottle last approximate 11-12 hours. my 2nd bottle was finished in the midnight, the nurses going to change the 3rd bottle...i stopped her and negotiate with her abit. by convincing her that i'm good, dr said i'm good too. no vomit, no diarrea, can drink and can eat well. she said she need to check with dr.J 1st.. she return with the bottle of 0.5 glucose and i was so tension.. but lucky she said cant get doc at the moment. and i try to physco her abit, make her to pity me for a while so i can get it of the glucose drip and the insert on my left hand. and it turn out like that, ok, i won get the drip,,, but the insert will stil on my left hand. no drip, but injection thru the insert.....GOD!!!! another sleepless night. sigh....

dr.J was visiting me in the morning, i ask doc to remove the insert. lucky she said yes. this is like a light, a match in the dark to me once i heard it. yoohoo!!! and i tell doc that i hope to go back since i'm alright [althought i'm having severe diarrea], no choice ady, i dun wan any glucose drip anymore friend, no more!!!!! if u vomited, if u diarrea, u may say hello to the the inserts and the glucose drip.

yet, i get discharged in the afternoon.
o, sorry to my friends, sorry that i never tell u guys.